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Friends ranking of nyd

Rank Player Best achievements Points Last update
1 lylat lylat Scrake ChampionFleshpound ChampionGet 'um piled upYou're a veteranCall the backupField TestHeister With A ShotgunCrash CourseDeath from AboveApex PredatorSmooth SailingWaste Not, Want NotHigh RollerExpedition CompletionistWelcome to A6 Polaris 126924.77 01/14/2023 13:57:20
2 Mytharox Mytharox Retro: 1-Stripe AdmiralStealth: 1-Stripe AdmiralPrelude to InsanityConquest 120 GoldConquest Completed!Last Midnight Million PointsRegret is InsaneLast Insane MidnightConquest 90 GoldQueen Takes OverlordI Can be Called That TooInto The VortexExplorerGramLegendary Stick 25581.89 01/10/2023 19:38:06
3 nyd nyd Private profile 5727.37 01/10/2022 12:42:56
4 _wilco _wilco Big Game HunterMr IndustriousKleptomaniacBane of the BeastsDiggerParty Like It's 1999Skilled CultureOverpreparedIn the Blink of an EyeCool as IceZane's BaneVeteranSacred AncariaFireball FiendPro Player 2440.62 06/14/2019 07:49:58
5 Duke Duke Private profile 0.00

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