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No achievements available

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Pay me! Pay me! 2.03
Obtain 10,000 pickles
Party of Stars Party of Stars 2.09
Obtain 200 stars
Negotiation Negotiation 0.76
Get any mold
Preservative Hunter Preservative Hunter 1.05
Defeat 1,000 preservatives
Preservative Killer Preservative Killer 1.98
Defeat 10,000 preservatives
Ripe Ripe 0.93
Produce 1,000 molds
Fermentation Fermentation 1.87
Produce 10,000 molds
Hitting Machine Hitting Machine 0.83
Use any mold skill 100 times
Slugger Slugger 1.43
Use any mold skill 1,000 times
Wrecking Ball Wrecking Ball 1.35
Destroy 100 structures
Siege Master Siege Master 1.95
Destroy 500 structures
Conqueror Conqueror 1.28
Defeat Broccoli boss
Transcendent Love Transcendent Love 1.99
Defeat Gorgon
Side Menu Side Menu 0.71
Obtain a pickle for the first time
Awakening Awakening 2.08
Upgrade topping up to Level 10
Beginning of Evolution Beginning of Evolution 0.89
Discover Dr. Bug
Humidifier Humidifier 1.95
Use humidifier 100 times
MIA MIA 0.87
More than 100 molds rush away from screen
Wholesale Arrest Wholesale Arrest 0.83
Hit more than 10 preservatives using only one range attack
One Shot, One Kill One Shot, One Kill 0.80
Defeat preservatives using only one attack
Sudden Death Sudden Death 1.95
Defeat a boss within 10 seconds
Beat Mania Beat Mania 2.14
Get perfect score on stage 2-10 of mini game
Mold on Pizza Mold on Pizza 1.81
More than 200 molds simultaneously appear on screen.
Star Cluster Star Cluster 2.21
Obtain 300 stars
Meteor Meteor 2.21
Obtain 400 stars
Galaxy Galaxy 2.29
Obtain 500 stars
We are all friends! We are all friends! 2.14
Obtain all molds
Master of War Master of War 2.21
Defeat final boss
Golem Brothers Golem Brothers 2.21
Defeat golem brothers
Punisher Punisher 2.29
Defeat Traitor Pang
The World The World 2.51
Defeat the final boss on a large stage
Replicator Replicator 2.14
Obtain a copie
Slaughter Slaughter 0.87
Defeat more than 10 preservatives using only one range attack
Long War Long War 1.95
Play more than 10 minutes in one stage
Charge Charge 2.09
Use bell peppers topping for more than one second
Stop it! Stop it! 2.29
Touch Dr. Bug repeatedly

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