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Gully Man

Completion progress
Rank 58494
Achievements 341 (639.92 points)
Number of games and DLCs 3
Number of all owning games 4
Badges 2 (156 XP)
Member since May 27, 2013
Total playing time 1893.1 hours
Completion rate 0.0 %
Location United States

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Game Unlocked achievements Locked achievements
Current best # Points Next easiest # Points
Guns of Icarus Online 3.0352957249Eagle EyedPuttering AroundPercussive MaintenanceKnock Down Drag OutDeadeyeInspiringWell-Oiled Machine 333 637.00 1.0549306870Novice GraduationWilson's Notes: Minotaur Heavy CannonThe Rule of TwoA Higher Power?Fan the FlamesUnderdog 1Gunner Tutorial Bronze 550 1834.82
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Sniper Elite V2 0.3928211629Mousetrap FuseTrainee Sniper 2 0.72 0.2933459282Front and CenterNovice SniperEar PlugsDeadeyeDouble DoseFuel TankApprentice Sniper 39 38.41
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World of Guns: Gun Disassembly 0.5997328758Game w/o HintsFirst GameFirst OperateFirst AssemblyFirst DisassemblyField Strip 6 2.20 0.70484930283 gunsTutorialCraftmasterSniperSerenity10 gunsAll Modes 36 49.61
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