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Gully Man

Completion progress
Rank 68745
Achievements 307 (613.56 points)
Number of games and DLCs 3
Number of all owning games 4
Badges 2 (156 XP)
Member since May 27, 2013
Total playing time 1893.1 hours
Completion rate 0.0 %
Location United States

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Game Unlocked achievements Locked achievements
Current best # Points Next easiest # Points
Guns of Icarus Online 3.0938110352Eagle EyedPuttering AroundPercussive MaintenanceKnock Down Drag OutDeadeyeInspiringAir Trigger 299 610.66 1.1011564732Novice GraduationThe Rule of TwoA Higher Power?Gunner Tutorial BronzeGunner Tutorial SilverGunner Tutorial GoldEngineer Tutorial Bronze 550 1832.76
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Sniper Elite V2 0.3902901709Mousetrap FuseTrainee Sniper 2 0.71 0.2917821705Front and CenterNovice SniperEar PlugsDeadeyeDouble DoseFuel TankApprentice Sniper 39 37.91
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World of Guns: Gun Disassembly 0.5959277749Game w/o HintsFirst GameFirst OperateFirst AssemblyFirst DisassemblyField Strip 6 2.18 0.66546106343 gunsTutorialCraftmasterSerenity10 gunsSniperAll Modes 36 47.01
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