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22.2 hours playing time on record

Game Achievement Points Unlocked
DTF: Date the Fairy DTF: Date the Fairy 0.31 05/23/2018 19:41:10
Unlock the secret character Kyu.
Pickup Artist Pickup Artist 0.88 05/23/2018 19:31:36
Spend the night with a girl within 4 days.
V-card Revoked V-card Revoked 0.30 05/23/2018 19:31:36
Spend the night with a girl for the first time.
Bestiality Bestiality 0.47 05/23/2018 17:59:03
Unlock the secret character Momo.
There May Be Hope There May Be Hope 0.22 08/11/2016 15:29:19
Have your first successful date with a girl.

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Truest Player Truest Player 0.52
Spend the night with the goddess of love.
Alpha Alpha 0.66
Give Kyu ALL the pairs of panties after she asks for them.
Alpha Champ Alpha Champ 0.99
Successfully complete 5 dates while in Alpha Mode.
Alpha Master Alpha Master 1.07
Successfully complete 10 dates while in Alpha Mode.
Pickup Legend Pickup Legend 1.21
Spend the night with ALL the girls within 18 days.
Smooth as F*ck Smooth as F*ck 1.10
Spend the night with ALL the girls without failing a single date.
Sobriety Sobriety 1.08
Spend the night with ALL the girls without giving any of them an alcoholic drink.
Buying Love Buying Love 1.22
Spend the night with ALL the girls without talking with any of them.
Lucky Loser Lucky Loser 1.17
Spend the night with 3 girls without upgrading any of your traits.
Quickie Quickie 0.89
Successfully complete a date with at least 20 Moves remaining.
Make the Move Make the Move 0.70
While on a date, earn 2000 or more Affection in a single move.
Zero Life Zero Life 1.11
Earn a 100% completion rate.
Money Bags Money Bags 0.98
Max out both your Munie and Hunie.
Ayy Lmao Ayy Lmao 0.48
Unlock the secret character Celeste.
Heavenly Body Heavenly Body 0.49
Unlock the secret character Venus.

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