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Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Elemental Special Novice Elemental Special Novice 1.50 05/19/2018 00:20:05
Perform 10 Elemental Specials.

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
100% 100% 2.00
Win 1 round without losing any health in Arcade Mode.
2500% 2500% 2.48
Win 25 rounds without losing any health in Arcade Mode.
"Not today..." 2.48
Perform 5 Throw Breaks.
You're a Throw Breaker, Dream Maker... You're a Throw Breaker, Dream Maker... 2.48
Perform 50 Throw Breaks.
"Why the rush?" 2.01
Perform 10 Rush Cancels.
Gotta Go Rush Gotta Go Rush 2.48
Perform 100 Rush Cancels.
The Prom King of Iron Fisticuffs The Prom King of Iron Fisticuffs 2.00
Perform a 10-Hit Combo!
X = 4/4+4*5+8-4+4^2-1 X = 4/4+4*5+8-4+4^2-1 2.48
Perform a 40-Hit Combo.
Elemental Special Expert Elemental Special Expert 1.79
Perform 100 Elemental Specials.
Elemental Super Neophyte Elemental Super Neophyte 1.87
Perform 10 Elemental Supers.
Elemental Super Master Elemental Super Master 2.48
Perform 100 Elemental Supers.
Reversal Rehearsal Reversal Rehearsal 2.18
Perform 5 Reversals.
Reversal Ruler Reversal Ruler 2.48
Perform 50 Reversals.
Campus Aficionado Campus Aficionado 2.48
Swap stage dimensions in Options.
Rockin' It Old School Rockin' It Old School 2.18
Take a listen to old tracks! Swap music for at least 1 character in Music Configuration.
Minor Modder Minor Modder 2.48
Fight 1 modified matches in Versus Mode.
Major Modder Major Modder 2.48
Fight 30 modified matches in Versus Mode.
To the Principal's Office... To the Principal's Office... 2.17
Defeat Principal in Arcade Mode. (Hint: Points, points, points!)
School'd School'd 2.48
Collect a lot of journal entries.
Jiro's Journal Jiro's Journal 2.48
Earn all of Jiro's Journal Entries.
Shinji's Saga Shinji's Saga 2.48
Earn all of Shinji's Journal Entries.
Kazuo's Key Kazuo's Key 2.48
Earn all of Kazuo's Journal Entries.
Michelle's Magazine Michelle's Magazine 2.48
Earn all of Michelle's Journal Entries.
Bryan's Book Bryan's Book 2.48
Earn all of Bryan's Journal Entries.
Ryken's Record Ryken's Record 2.48
Earn all of Ryken's Journal Entries
Arvid's Almanac Arvid's Almanac 2.48
Earn all of Arvid's Journal Entries.
Mai's Manuscripts Mai's Manuscripts 2.48
Earn all of Mai's Journal Entries.
Khai's Quarterly Khai's Quarterly 2.48
Earn all of Khai's Journal Entries.
Chris's Chronicle Chris's Chronicle 2.48
Earn all of HW's Journal Entries.
Klein's Klein's "Katalog" 2.48
Earn all of Klein's Journal Entries.
Jada's Jottings Jada's Jottings 2.48
Earn all of Jada's Journal Entries.
Principal's Pamphlet Principal's Pamphlet 2.48
Earn all of Principal's Journal Entries.
Lucio's Ledger Lucio's Ledger 2.48
Earn all of Lucio's Journal Entries.
Beat's Brochure Beat's Brochure 2.48
Earn all of Beat's Journal Entries.

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