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Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Patched at Start Patched at Start 0.46
Get the Directors Cut Patch... Ahem!
Arrival Arrival 0.37
Meet with Shelton in the sticks
Sabotage Sabotage 0.44
It was sabotage!
Accident Accident 0.42
Phew! Just an accident
Bear Attack Bear Attack 0.53
Cheryl End Cheryl End 0.51
A quickie ending
Sacrificed Sacrificed 0.53
The greater good
Food Insanity Food Insanity 0.62
Survived but at what cost
Witch Meal Witch Meal 0.47
A price must be paid
Enslaved Enslaved 0.55
A truly bad end
Gunshot Gunshot 0.51
A bad end
Accuse Edda Accuse Edda 0.51
She could do it
Accuse Raen Accuse Raen 0.49
Would she do it
Accuse Andrea Accuse Andrea 0.47
Could she do it
Accuse Them All Accuse Them All 0.44
Could they really do it
Edda Love Edda Love 0.64
Love Conquers All
Edda Guilty Edda Guilty 0.72
Fate can be cruel
Edda Victorius Edda Victorius 0.53
Never saw it coming
Andrea Love Andrea Love 0.62
A family together
Andrea Guilty Andrea Guilty 0.67
She paid the price
Andrea Revenge Andrea Revenge 0.49
A woman scorned
Raen Love Raen Love 0.64
Happy Ending Together
Raen Sick Raen Sick 0.67
Try to make it work
Raen Death Raen Death 0.49
There was no saving her
Harem End Harem End 0.51
All good things
Foolish End Foolish End 0.51
Lust will be your downfall
Guilty Girls Guilty Girls 0.51
Did they really do it?
Accidents Happen Accidents Happen 0.51
It really was just an accident
Hannah Love Hannah Love 0.46
A Loving End
Ironman Ironman 0.72
Let Fate Decide Love

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