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27.2 hours playing time on record

Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Checkmate Checkmate 1.83 03/01/2016 23:02:57
Deal the killing blow to a Hive or Command Station
Firefighter Firefighter 1.78 03/01/2016 21:57:36
Kill a Marine who has a Flamethrower
Cultivation Cultivation 2.18 03/01/2016 21:34:40
Build a Hive as Gorge
‘Tis But a Scratch ‘Tis But a Scratch 1.75 03/01/2016 20:10:29
Get healed with 1 health point
They Came From Behind They Came From Behind 1.81 03/01/2016 20:07:45
Kill a Marine after sneaking as Skulk
Eat Your Greens Eat Your Greens 1.82 03/01/2016 18:11:18
Complete all new player missions
Air Defense Air Defense 1.69 03/01/2016 17:59:00
Kill a Lerk
Traveler Traveler 1.64 03/01/2016 17:25:58
Play on 3 different maps
Security Detail Security Detail 1.69 03/01/2016 17:19:49
Kill an Alien while defending an Extractor
No More Fancy Toys No More Fancy Toys 1.76 03/01/2016 17:07:49
Destroy 100 resources worth of enemy technology in a single round
Bloodrage Bloodrage 1.64 03/01/2016 17:07:05
Deal 4000 player damage in a single round
Strategic Thinking Strategic Thinking 1.58 03/01/2016 16:59:19
Follow 5 Commander’s order in 1 rounds
Asymmetrical Combat Asymmetrical Combat 1.81 03/01/2016 16:58:05
Kill a Fade
Economic Sabotage Economic Sabotage 1.69 03/01/2016 16:38:23
Kill a Gorge
Explorer Explorer 1.57 02/29/2016 16:22:53
Use Play Now
Unsportsmanlike Conduct Unsportsmanlike Conduct 2.19 02/29/2016 16:19:33
Taunt after killing a player
TSF TSF 1.56 02/29/2016 16:19:29
Play a round as a Marine
The Doctor is In The Doctor is In 1.93 02/29/2016 16:06:32
Weld your team mates 10 times in 1 round
First Class Post First Class Post 1.60 02/29/2016 16:02:24
Use a Phase Gate
Mood Lighting Mood Lighting 1.65 02/29/2016 16:00:46
Weld a Power Node
They Just Keep Coming They Just Keep Coming 1.54 02/29/2016 15:57:16
Kill a Skulk
Kharaa Kharaa 1.59 02/29/2016 15:52:52
Play a round as an Alien
Bomb Defusal Bomb Defusal 1.80 02/29/2016 15:43:03
Kill a Marine who has a Grenade Launcher
Demolitions Demolitions 1.60 02/29/2016 15:40:56
Deal 7500 structure damage in a single round
Disarmament Disarmament 1.72 02/29/2016 15:37:47
Kill a Marine who has a Shotgun
Slimy Slimy 1.69 02/29/2016 15:29:10
Use a Gorge Tunnel
Tag! Tag! 1.62 02/29/2016 15:24:19
Parasite a Marine
Untouchable Untouchable 1.62 02/29/2016 15:21:58
Kill a Marine while having full health
Most Valued Xenomorph Most Valued Xenomorph 1.86 02/29/2016 15:21:57
Kill a Marine while defending a Harvester
First Adventure First Adventure 1.53 02/29/2016 15:14:29
Complete both tutorials.

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Combat Engineer Combat Engineer 2.77
Build 10 Extractors in 1 round
Repairman Repairman 2.11
Weld 5 Power Nodes in 1 round
Big Game Hunter Big Game Hunter 1.84
Kill an Onos
Long Term Investments Long Term Investments 2.34
Kill an Alien while defending an Extractor 5 times in a single round
Adam Smith Adam Smith 2.85
Kill an Alien while defending an Extractor 10 times in a single round
Economics 101 Economics 101 1.70
Kill a Harvester
Dambuster Dambuster 2.49
Kill 5 Harvesters in a single round
No Tech For You No Tech For You 2.83
Kill 10 Harvesters in a single round
I See Human Scum I See Human Scum 2.02
Parasite 10 Marines in a single round
Wall Hacks! Wall Hacks! 2.35
Parasite 20 Marines in a single round
Team Player Team Player 1.74
Destroy an Extractor
Barking Dog Barking Dog 2.41
Destroy 5 Extractors in a single round
Rifles Only Rifles Only 2.87
Destroy 10 Extractors in a single round
You're Walking Now You're Walking Now 1.88
Destroy an Exosuit
Battle Ready Battle Ready 1.64
Evolve one Kharaa Upgrade
Unfair Advantage Unfair Advantage 1.79
Evolve 3 Kharaa Upgrades
Secure Investments Secure Investments 2.72
Kill a Marine while defending a Harvester 5 times in a single round
Patron Saint of Res Patron Saint of Res 2.97
Kill a Marine while defending a Harvester 10 times in a single round
Protip Protip 2.12
Kill a Marine with 2 bites and a parasite
Quality Assurance Quality Assurance 2.60
Kill a developer
Regicide Regicide 1.98
Kill the opposing team's Commander
Burning Cash Burning Cash 2.00
Destroy 200 resources worth of enemy technology in a single round
Recession Recession 2.22
Destroy 300 resources worth of enemy technology in a single round
Darwin Award Darwin Award 2.72
Too determined to listen to good advice.
Terminal Velocity Facepalm Terminal Velocity Facepalm 2.70
For when a regular facepalm doesn't cut it...
New Recruit New Recruit 1.74
Complete the Marine tutorial.
Fresh Larva Fresh Larva 1.76
Complete the Alien tutorial.
One Gorge's Treasure One Gorge's Treasure 3.03
Collect all 15 drop-able items.
Unleashed Unleashed 2.47
Rattling the Cage reaps its own reward
Arcade Champion Arcade Champion 2.68
Spent some time playing arcade game modes
Old Recruit Old Recruit 2.21
Complete the Marine Commander tutorial.
Clogbeard's Treasure Clogbeard's Treasure 2.94
They say there's gorge treasure out there somewhere...
Trust No-one Trust No-one 3.02
I don't know what's in there, but it's weird and pissed off, whatever it is.
It came from...behind It came from...behind 2.94
Infest everybody and stay alive.
Sgt. MacReady Sgt. MacReady 3.05
Be the last and only survivor against the Infestation
Higher Lifeform Higher Lifeform 2.49
Complete the Alien Commander tutorial.
The Last Straw The Last Straw 3.02
Gorges can only take so much...

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