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Game Achievement Points Unlocked
No points for you! No points for you! 0.97 02/13/2019 19:25:09
Fail a track
Brightness Brightness 1.00 02/13/2019 19:23:48
Complete 'Pure Sunlight' on Normal
Kicking it Kicking it 0.92 02/13/2019 02:00:29
Complete 'Bass Cannon' on Normal

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Props Props 2.02
Watch the credits
All 225 Stars All 225 Stars 2.12
Earn all 225 stars across all modes
Shai-Hulud? Shai-Hulud? 1.48
Defeat the sand worm
Get Jaimie Mantzel on the phone Get Jaimie Mantzel on the phone 1.50
Defeat the big metal spider
Calamari Calamari 1.63
Defeat the thing from the deep
25/100 Secrets 25/100 Secrets 1.33
Find 25 secrets
50/100 Secrets 50/100 Secrets 1.51
Find 50 secrets
100/100 Secrets 100/100 Secrets 2.09
Find 100 secrets
25 Normal Stars 25 Normal Stars 1.25
Earn 25 stars on Normal
50 Normal Stars 50 Normal Stars 1.47
Earn 50 stars on Normal
70 Normal Stars 70 Normal Stars 1.86
Earn 70 stars on Normal
75 Normal Stars 75 Normal Stars 1.94
Earn 75 stars on Normal
25 Advanced Stars 25 Advanced Stars 1.87
Earn 25 stars on Advanced
50 Advanced Stars 50 Advanced Stars 2.05
Earn 50 stars on Advanced
70 Advanced Stars 70 Advanced Stars 2.06
Earn 70 stars on Advanced
75 Advanced Stars 75 Advanced Stars 2.08
Earn 75 stars on Advanced
25 Master Stars 25 Master Stars 2.11
Earn 25 stars on Master
50 Master Stars 50 Master Stars 2.12
Earn 50 stars on Master
70 Master Stars 70 Master Stars 2.12
Earn 70 stars on Master
75 Master Stars 75 Master Stars 2.12
Earn 75 stars on Master
Can you hear me now? Can you hear me now? 1.47
Complete 'Kein Signal' on Normal
Proxima Centauri Proxima Centauri 1.46
Complete 'Alpha Centauri' on Normal
Gojira? Gojira? 1.30
Complete 'Some Kind of Monster' on Normal
Sequenz abgeschlossen Sequenz abgeschlossen 1.10
Complete 'Sequenz' on Normal
Gone fission Gone fission 1.15
Complete 'Split the Atom' on Normal
No brakes No brakes 1.22
Complete 'I Can't Stop' on Normal
Haploteuthis ferox Haploteuthis ferox 1.50
Complete 'Stigma' on Normal
"Fear is the mind-killer" 1.19
Complete 'Habby 9000' on Normal
Vendetta Vendetta 1.38
Complete 'Revenge' on Normal
Mission statement Mission statement 1.30
Complete 'Katy on a Mission' on Normal
Mimic Mimic 1.44
Complete 'The Edge of Tomorrow' on Normal
Still ill Still ill 1.34
Complete 'Ill Still' on Normal
Crazy Crazy 1.50
Complete 'Get Crazy' on Normal
Blinding Blinding 1.78
Complete 'Pure Sunlight' on Advanced
How about now? How about now? 2.05
Complete 'Pure Sunlight' on Advanced
4.37 light-years 4.37 light-years 2.05
Complete 'Alpha Centauri' on Advanced
Ghidora? Ghidora? 1.90
Complete 'Some Kind of Monster' on Advanced
Erweiterte Sequenz Erweiterte Sequenz 1.82
Complete 'Sequenz' on Advanced
Free energy Free energy 1.87
Complete 'Split the Atom' on Advanced
Out of the way! Out of the way! 1.87
Complete 'I Can't Stop' on Advanced
Kraken Kraken 2.06
Complete 'Stigma' on Advanced
Kicked it Kicked it 1.72
Complete 'Bass Cannon' on Advanced
"My name is a killing word" 1.88
Complete 'Habby 9000' on Advanced
Vengeful Vengeful 1.97
Complete 'Revenge' on Advanced
Mission accomplished Mission accomplished 1.90
Complete 'Katy on a Mission' on Advanced
Alpha Alpha 2.00
Complete 'The Edge of Tomorrow' on Advanced
Iller still Iller still 1.94
Complete 'Ill Still' on Advanced
Getting crazy Getting crazy 2.05
Complete 'Get Crazy' on Advanced
Unfiltered electromagnetic radiation Unfiltered electromagnetic radiation 2.09
Complete 'Pure Sunlight' on Master
Full bars Full bars 2.12
Complete 'Kein Signal' on Master
1.34 parsecs 1.34 parsecs 2.14
Complete 'Alpha Centauri' on Master
Gaigan? Gaigan? 2.12
Complete 'Some Kind of Monster' on Master
Beherrscht Sequenz Beherrscht Sequenz 2.11
Complete 'Sequenz' on Master
Ernest Rutherford Ernest Rutherford 2.11
Complete 'Split the Atom' on Master
You can stop now You can stop now 2.12
Complete 'I Can't Stop' on Master
Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn 2.12
Complete 'Stigma' on Master
Let it kick it Let it kick it 2.09
Complete 'Bass Cannon' on Master
"He who controls the spice…" 2.11
Complete 'Habby 9000' on Master
Avenged Avenged 2.12
Complete 'Revenge' on Master
Mission impossible Mission impossible 2.12
Complete 'Katy on a Mission' on Master
Omega Omega 2.12
Complete 'The Edge of Tomorrow' on Master
Epic sickness Epic sickness 2.14
Complete 'Ill Still' on Master
Got crazy Got crazy 2.12
Complete 'Get Crazy' on Master

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