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Black Closet

23.1 average hours needed for completion.

16 achievements worth of 22.81 points
Achievement Description Crawled Points Report as
Graduation Day Graduation Day You have graduated from St. Claudine's. 09/20/2015 14:07:53 0.92
The Face Beneath The Mask The Face Beneath The Mask You have been fully initiated into the Red Mask Society. 09/20/2015 14:07:54 1.05
The Enemy Within The Enemy Within You infiltrated the Red Mask Society in order to betray them 09/20/2015 14:07:54 1.02
Long Live The Queen Long Live The Queen Your Queen has been poisoned by the Red Mask Society. Must have been those chocolates. 09/20/2015 14:07:55 1.32
When Life Gives You Lemons When Life Gives You Lemons You have run a lemonade stand. 09/20/2015 14:07:55 0.90
Diplomacy Diplomacy You have managed to win a traitorous minion back to your side. 09/20/2015 14:07:56 0.90
One Down One Down Win the final conflict with four minions on the Student Council 09/20/2015 14:07:56 1.22
Three's The Charm Three's The Charm Win the final conflict with three minions on the Student Council 09/20/2015 14:07:57 1.92
Minimalism Minimalism Win the final conflict with only two minions left on the Student Council 09/20/2015 14:07:58 1.68
The Yandere Principle The Yandere Principle One of your minions has gotten a little too possessive. 09/20/2015 14:07:58 1.68
Presidential Privilege Presidential Privilege You have used a minion as your own personal slave. 09/20/2015 14:07:59 1.57
Initiation Initiation You have kissed (or been kissed by) a freshman. 09/20/2015 14:07:59 1.62
Temptation Temptation She's straight, but not rigid. 09/20/2015 14:08:00 1.68
Roaming Hands Roaming Hands The seats recline so that you can look at the stars.... 09/20/2015 14:08:00 1.62
Petting the Teacher Petting the Teacher As long as you're both adults... 09/20/2015 14:08:02 1.68
Seen It All Seen It All Unlock All CGs in both art sets 09/20/2015 14:08:02 2.05

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