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Expansion - Crusader Kings II: Conclave


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The Yes Men The Yes Men Have all members of your council be Loyalists. 01/28/2016 16:07:09 0.54
You Owe Me You Owe Me Have someone owe you a Favor 01/28/2016 16:07:10 0.22
Shadow Prince Shadow Prince Sit on the council and have every other council member as well as the ruler owing you a favor. 01/28/2016 16:07:11 0.99
Pay to Win Pay to Win Win a war using Mercenaries. 01/28/2016 16:07:12 0.28
Mercotransaction Mercotransaction Create a mercenary band and have them bring in money for you. 01/28/2016 16:07:13 0.44
One is not Amused One is not Amused As a ruler have a council that is not content. 01/28/2016 16:07:14 0.17
Follow Me Follow Me Successfully intervene in a youth's development to force one of your own traits onto them. 01/28/2016 16:07:16 0.27
Prodigious Five Prodigious Five Have at least one child with each of the five level four education traits. 01/28/2016 16:07:17 0.99
I am the Law I am the Law As a vassal use a favor to change a law. 01/28/2016 16:07:18 0.90
Peace in Our Time Peace in Our Time Enforce peace for 6 or more vassals. 01/28/2016 16:07:20 0.93

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