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Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
We Have Tanks On Our Side We Have Tanks On Our Side 1.62
Win as the Astra Militarum.
Innocence Is No Defence Innocence Is No Defence 1.94
Execute a coward.
Teching No Prisoners Teching No Prisoners 1.89
Finish the Astra Militarum story.
Dictum Administratum Dictum Administratum 1.32
Start an Astra Militarum city edict.
Where It All Starts Where It All Starts 0.71
Found a city.
Second Foundation Second Foundation 1.02
Found a second city.
Breaking Ground Breaking Ground 0.75
Construct a building.
Land Grab Land Grab 0.74
Acquire a tile.
There Are Only Warriors There Are Only Warriors 0.77
Produce a unit.
I Need A Hero I Need A Hero 0.84
Recruit a hero.
A Little Knowledge ... A Little Knowledge ... 0.74
Research a technology.
An STC?! An STC?! 1.78
Research all technologies with any one faction.
Airstrip One Airstrip One 1.34
Develop a city to 25 loyalty or more.
Top Clearance Top Clearance 0.98
Clear a tile.
Know It Vaul Know It Vaul 1.21
Explore 20 ruins.
Prime Mover Prime Mover 1.11
Explore the whole map.
Rogue Trader Rogue Trader 1.08
Buy an item from a Jokaero Trader Encampment.
The Living Stone The Living Stone 0.83
Ian got you to capture an artefact.
Planting The Flag Planting The Flag 0.70
Capture an outpost.
Nothing But A Hound Dog Nothing But A Hound Dog 0.83
Kill some Kroot Hounds.
Primal Rage Primal Rage 1.03
Eliminate a faction.
Life, But Not As We Know It Life, But Not As We Know It 1.37
Eliminate all native life on Gladius.
Super Trooper Super Trooper 1.18
Attain the highest level with a unit.
Devil May Cry Devil May Cry 1.02
Destroy a Catachan Devil Lair.
The Walls Came Tumblin' Down The Walls Came Tumblin' Down 0.99
Destroy an enemy city.
A Commissar's Solution A Commissar's Solution 1.06
Kill an enslaved unit.
An Ethereal's Solution An Ethereal's Solution 1.01
Free an enslaved unit.
Entry To Eternal War Entry To Eternal War 1.58
Finish a multiplayer game with another human player.
The Players That Team Together The Players That Team Together 1.71
Start a multiplayer game with a team of human players against a team of AI opponents.
C'tan Opener C'tan Opener 1.62
Kill a C'tan.
Safe From The Old Ones Safe From The Old Ones 1.89
Finish the Necron story.
A Test of Metal A Test of Metal 1.54
Win as the Necrons.
Wake Up, Sleepyheads Wake Up, Sleepyheads 1.21
Use rapid rise.
Intergalactic Headbutt Intergalactic Headbutt 2.19
Finish the Ork story.
Another Green World Another Green World 1.84
Win as the Orks.
Reach maximum Waaagh!.
Pyrrhic Victory Pyrrhic Victory 1.75
Finish the Space Marine story.
The Emperor Protects The Emperor Protects 1.20
Win as the Space Marines.
Special Delivery Special Delivery 1.01
Deploy a Space Marine chapter tactic.
Pugio Pugio 1.51
Win a solo game on medium difficulty or higher.
Sica Sica 2.00
Win a solo game on hard difficulty or higher.
Falx Falx 2.26
Win a solo game on very hard difficulty or higher.
Gladius Gladius 2.39
Win a solo game on ultra hard difficulty or higher.
Spatha Spatha 2.45
Win a solo game on impossible difficulty.
Beardy Beardy 2.37
Win with every faction.

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