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Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Leader Leader 1.80
Create a Clan.
Team Player Team Player 1.77
Join a Clan.
Friendly Friendly 1.55
Add a friend.
This is our lobby! This is our lobby! 1.15
Create a lobby.
Four leaf clover Four leaf clover 1.33
Open a case.
Ready to fight! Ready to fight! 1.71
Equip a pair of gloves.
Cool guy Cool guy 1.72
Use a profile background.
Tea for two Tea for two 1.81
Make a transfer.
Scrap dealer Scrap dealer 1.62
Make an exchange contract.
Show your style! Show your style! 1.29
Customize a weapon.
King of kings King of kings 1.81
Reach the level 99.
Atom Atom 1.80
Kill several enemies with just 1 grenade.
Immortal Immortal 1.79
Kill 9 enemies without being killed.
First blood First blood 1.51
Make the first blood in a match.
Tick-tock Tick-tock 1.56
Plant the bomb.
Not while I am alive Not while I am alive 1.79
Kill an enemy while he is defusing the bomb.
So simple So simple 1.73
Win the round defusing the bomb.
Kill some birds with one stone Kill some birds with one stone 1.81
Kill several enemies with just 1 shot.
You are fast, but I am more You are fast, but I am more 1.81
Defuse the bomb in the last second.
Let's buy! Let's buy! 1.34
Buy items in the shop.
Where were you going? Where were you going? 1.79
Kill an enemy who has defused the bomb.
Surprise! Surprise! 1.77
Kill an enemy while he is planting the bomb.
Headshot Headshot 1.81
Kill 1 enemy with a headshot.
Full stop Full stop 1.22
Obtain the last kill in a match.
Buzzkill Buzzkill 1.28
Kill an enemy while he is a Serial Killer.
Tactic Tactic 1.81
Play as Tactic.
Force Force 1.81
Play as Force.
From the grave with love From the grave with love 1.76
Kill an enemy while you are dead.
Assist King Assist King 1.81
Obtain 9 assists without being killed.
It seems you have a good aim It seems you have a good aim 1.70
Kill 100 enemies with headshots.
What was that? What was that? 1.81
Kill 500 enemies with headshots.
Collector Collector 1.81
Open 50 chests.
Head hunter Head hunter 1.82
Kill 2000 enemies with headshots.
This is demolition! This is demolition! 1.81
Win 10 Demolition matches.
I am the ruler! I am the ruler! 1.81
Win 10 King of the Hill matches.
007 007 1.81
Win 10 Intelligence Gathering matches.
No mercy No mercy 1.81
Finish in first position in 15 Free For All matches.
Killer Killer 1.82
Kill 2000 enemies.
Soul gatherer Soul gatherer 1.82
Kill 5000 enemies.
God of death God of death 1.82
Kill 20000 enemies.
Nothing better than a big explosion Nothing better than a big explosion 1.82
Plant the bomb 100 times.
Defusing expert Defusing expert 1.82
Defuse the bomb 100 times.
Let's party! Let's party! 1.82
Obtain 200000 points in King of the Hill mode.
Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! 1.82
Kill 500 enemies with the Desert Eagle.
Butcher Butcher 1.82
Kill 100 enemies using a knife.
Samurai Samurai 1.82
Kill 500 enemies using a knife.
Ninja Ninja 1.82
Kill 2000 enemies using a knife.
Graffiti artist Graffiti artist 1.80
Use a spray.
Soldier Soldier 1.83
Play Sabotaj during 2 hours.
Sergeant Sergeant 1.83
Play Sabotaj during 5 hours.
Corporal Corporal 1.83
Play Sabotaj during 25 hours.
Lieutenant Lieutenant 1.84
Play Sabotaj during 100 hours.
General General 1.84
Play Sabotaj during 1000 hours.

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