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Gotta catch'em all Gotta catch'em all 1.79 04/21/2021 17:21:40
Stealing bubble gum is a serious crime. Catch 50 shoplifters.
Money talks Money talks 1.75 04/21/2021 17:21:40
After 50 bribes, consider yourself an addict.
OG OG 1.72 04/21/2021 17:21:40
They accept you as you are.
Born to be wild Born to be wild 1.69 04/21/2021 17:21:40
Lookin' for adventure and whatever comes our way
While there is still no wall While there is still no wall 1.63 04/21/2021 17:21:40
...so go and enjoy some chimichangas.
Fetch Fetch 1.62 04/21/2021 17:21:40
And let's see what happens. Will PETA intervene?
Made man Made man 1.62 04/21/2021 17:21:40
Beginning of a beautiful friendship...
...And Justice for All ...And Justice for All 1.57 04/21/2021 17:21:40
Sooner or later everyone pays for the sins.
Sword fight Sword fight 1.57 04/21/2021 17:21:40
This is for movie nerds. Who gets it?
No heaven for you No heaven for you 1.51 04/21/2021 17:21:40
He could have washed his pants, not his brain.
La Cucaracha La Cucaracha 1.49 04/21/2021 17:21:40
He has a large family to support.
Adiós Muchachos Adiós Muchachos 1.44 04/21/2021 17:21:40
Und Ich bin mit my friends from old times.
Sticky fingers Sticky fingers 1.38 04/21/2021 17:21:40
Take 20 bribes and be happy. And don't worry.
Have a blast Have a blast 1.32 04/21/2021 17:21:40
Well done, Mr. Bond.
Amelia Earhart Amelia Earhart 1.31 04/21/2021 17:21:40
Could it be real?
Rated R Rated R 1.30 04/21/2021 17:21:40
Tell them to volunteer. Tell to drop out of college and join infantry.
Compulsive ticketer Compulsive ticketer 1.28 04/21/2021 17:21:40
You love this job, don't you? That's what 250 issued tickets means.
Raging Bull Raging Bull 1.16 04/21/2021 17:21:40
If you win, you win. If you lose, you still win.
First time is not a crime First time is not a crime 1.14 04/21/2021 17:21:40
It's only a bribe if you're caught. Don't get caught 10 times.
Weapon of mass destruction Weapon of mass destruction 1.12 04/21/2021 17:21:40
And still some dream about having one.
Secret sauce Secret sauce 1.11 04/21/2021 17:21:40
This is why you should look at ingredients from time to time.
Fahrenheit 451 Fahrenheit 451 1.09 04/21/2021 17:21:40
Who knows where it comes from?
Among thieves Among thieves 1.07 04/21/2021 17:21:40
That's why you graduated from Police Academy. To catch 20 shoplifters.
Use the back door Use the back door 0.99 04/21/2021 17:21:40
Sometimes that's the only way. At least that's what she said.
Chasing pavements Chasing pavements 0.94 04/21/2021 17:21:40
I bet people love you after issuing 100 tickets.
Ice ice baby! Ice ice baby! 0.92 04/21/2021 17:21:40
Just chill out.
Someone should debug this game Someone should debug this game 0.92 04/21/2021 17:21:40
...and you just did that!
Run Kelly, Run! Run Kelly, Run! 0.86 04/21/2021 17:21:40
Who's faster? You or 10 shoplifters?
You've always wanted to do this You've always wanted to do this 0.79 04/21/2021 17:21:40
Hit the street and write 50 tickets.
Slav squat Slav squat 0.73 04/21/2021 17:21:40
And remember how to recognize a Western spy!
Cat person Cat person 0.69 04/21/2021 17:21:40
Because some people just want to watch the world meow.
One for the team One for the team 0.67 04/21/2021 17:21:40
And can you tell me please how to get to Sesame street?

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