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Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Welcome to the Gaggle Welcome to the Gaggle 0.31 05/02/2021 16:52:59
Complete 1 Game
Sabotage Sabotage 0.55 05/02/2021 16:52:48
Sabotage 1 Time
Duck Duck 0.39 05/02/2021 16:48:47
Kill 1 Goose

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Novice Goose Novice Goose 0.48
Complete 10 Games
A New Hobby A New Hobby 1.06
Complete 100 Games
Abduckted Abduckted 1.83
Complete 1000 Games
Goosetacular Goosetacular 1.96
Complete 5000 Games
Task Turtle Task Turtle 0.46
Complete 10 Tasks
Task Rabbit Task Rabbit 0.60
Complete 50 Tasks
Task Fox Task Fox 1.31
Complete 500 Tasks
Task Eagle Task Eagle 1.91
Complete 5000 Tasks
Task Cheetah Task Cheetah 1.95
Complete 25000 Tasks
Murderous! Murderous! 0.67
Kill 10 Geese
Duck of Death Duck of Death 1.28
Kill 75 Geese
Duck Undertaker Duck Undertaker 1.87
Kill 500 Geese
The Professional The Professional 1.96
Kill 2500 Geese
That was Intentional That was Intentional 0.92
Sabotage 10 Times
I've Done This Before I've Done This Before 1.64
Sabotage 100 Times
Thrive on Chaos Thrive on Chaos 1.94
Sabotage 750 Times
Duck Terrorist Duck Terrorist 1.95
Sabotage 2500 Times
Win a Game Win a Game 0.34
The Winner's Circle The Winner's Circle 0.50
Win 5 Games
So Much Winning So Much Winning 1.26
Win 75 Games
Tired of Winning Tired of Winning 1.87
Win 500 Games
Chicken Dinner Chicken Dinner 1.95
Win 2500 Games
Hello? Hello? 1.51
Use the Intercom 3 Times
Is it me, Is it me, 1.82
Use the Intercom 10 Times
You're looking for? You're looking for? 1.94
Use the Intercom 100 Times
I can see it in your eyes. I can see it in your eyes. 1.95
Use the Intercom 750 Times
I can see it in your smile. I can see it in your smile. 1.95
Use the Intercom 3500 Times
The Cleanup Crew The Cleanup Crew 1.96
Sort Waste or Eject Garbage 500 times.
Warp 9 Engaged Warp 9 Engaged 1.48
Call Warp 9
A Day at the Spa A Day at the Spa 1.95
Test Hot Water 250 Times
R-ejected R-ejected 1.94
Get ejected 100 times into space.
Dapper Dapper 1.67
Only have the diamond ring in the trash ejection.
I'm Going to Burn This Place I'm Going to Burn This Place 1.92
Fail to Scan your ID card in one game over 10 times
We need more Lemon Pledge We need more Lemon Pledge 1.94
Clean Manifolds or Disinfect Showers 500 times
Written Out of the Script Written Out of the Script 1.76
Get Sucked Out of the Ship.

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