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Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
First Blood First Blood 1.26
Get the First kill in a Single Match
Hax Initiated Hax Initiated 1.18
Kill 5 Enemy Players without Dying
The Executioner The Executioner 1.62
Kill 10 Enemy Players without Dying
The Liquidator The Liquidator 2.20
Kill 15 Enemy Players without Dying
The Cleaner The Cleaner 2.82
Kill 20 Enemy Players without Dying
Massacre Massacre 1.92
Get 30 Kills in a single Match
Sweet Release of Death Sweet Release of Death 2.24
Kill 2 enemy players at once with a single rocket and grenade launcher.
From the Afterlife From the Afterlife 1.50
Kill an Enemy player with a grenade after you have died.
Ding Ding! Ding Ding! 0.95
Reached Level 2
Big Ding! Big Ding! 1.12
Reached Level 5
Giant Ding! Giant Ding! 1.41
Reached Level 10
Super Ding! Super Ding! 1.89
Reached Level 20
Monster Ding! Monster Ding! 2.58
Reached Level 30
Mega Ding! Mega Ding! 3.13
Reached Level 40
Colossal Ding! Colossal Ding! 0.00
Reached Level 50
Max Level Max Level 4.03
Reached Level 60
Cha-Ching! Cha-Ching! 1.39
Earned 10,000 WP.
Jack of All Trades Jack of All Trades 1.54
Get a kill with every weapon Equipped without dying. (Must have all slots equipped.)
Domination Domination 1.38
Kill a player 5 times in a row without being killed by that player.
Revenge Revenge 1.59
Kill a player that is Dominating you.
Luck of the Draw Luck of the Draw 2.22
Kill an enemy player with a sniper rifle without zooming in. (At least 20 meters away.)
Filling the Trenches Filling the Trenches 4.03
Kill 10,000 players.
Precision Kills Precision Kills 2.36
Kill 300 enemies with Headshots.
Leap of Death Leap of Death 0.00
Kill an enemy that is in the air.
Ninja Assassin Ninja Assassin 0.00
Kill an enemy while you are in the air.
Assisted Suicide Assisted Suicide 1.30
Kill an enemy player after they have done damage to themselves.
Traps Specialist Traps Specialist 0.00
Re-wire an Enemies Explosive Device.
Air Support Air Support 0.00
Kill 3 Enemy Players at once using one Air Strike.
Dirty Camper Dirty Camper 4.03
Kill 3 enemies from the same location without dying.
Deadly Efficiency Deadly Efficiency 0.00
Kill 3 enemies in a row with a Sniper Rifle without Missing.
Speedy Resources Speedy Resources 1.31
Be the First player on your team to start capturing a Flag in any Conquest match.
Set us up the bomb! Set us up the bomb! 4.03
Plant The Bomb 100 times in the Sabotage game mode.
Defuse that shit! Defuse that shit! 0.00
Defuse the Bomb 100 times in the Sabotage game mode.
Sabotage Victory Sabotage Victory 0.00
Win a match in the Sabotage Game Mode.
Demolitions Expert Demolitions Expert 3.73
Successfully bomb 50 targets in the Sabotage game mode.
Get the last game winning kill, of a single Deathmatch game.
Deathmatch Victory Deathmatch Victory 1.18
Win a match in the Deathmatch Game Mode.
Back Door Friends. Back Door Friends. 2.86
Kill 1,000 players in the Deathmatch Game Mode.
All Your Kill Belong To Me All Your Kill Belong To Me 1.75
Kill 7 enemies that were wounded by others in a single match.
Poppin' Poppin' "Caps" like Nobody's Business 0.00
Help in the capture of 5,000 flags in the Conquest game mode.
Some Preservatives Added Some Preservatives Added 0.00
Help in the defense of 5,000 flags in in the Conquest game mode.
Conquest Victory Conquest Victory 1.06
Win a match in the Conquest Game Mode.
Gun Rack Gun Rack 1.32
Purchased 2 Permanent Items.
Storage Locker Storage Locker 1.59
Purchased 5 Permanent Items.
Loaded Armory Loaded Armory 1.85
Purchased 10 Permanent Items.
Small Arms Enthusiast Small Arms Enthusiast 2.47
Purchased or Rented an Pistol.
Heavy Enthusiast Heavy Enthusiast 2.52
Purchased or Rented an Support weapon.
Assault Enthusiast Assault Enthusiast 1.92
Purchased or Rented an Assault Rifle.
Close Quarters Enthusiast Close Quarters Enthusiast 2.31
Purchased or Rented a Shotgun.
Sniper Enthusiast Sniper Enthusiast 2.13
Purchased or Rented a Sniper Rifle.
SMG Enthusiast SMG Enthusiast 2.14
Purchased or Rented an SMG.
Gun Enthusiast Gun Enthusiast 2.95
Completed the Achievements Listed. (Sniper, Assault, Small Arms, Close Quarters, Heavy, SMG Enthusiast.)
Dress-Up Dress-Up 1.76
Purchased or Rented a piece of Gear or Gear Set.
Requesting Support Requesting Support 3.26
Purchase a UAV.

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