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3.5 hours playing time on record

Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Puzzle Platformer Puzzle Platformer 2.91 05/09/2017 03:56:47
Ascend the vertical shafts in 6-4 without activating each spitter more than once.
Sandmaster Flash Sandmaster Flash 2.65 05/09/2017 03:56:47
Hop over the sand platforms in 6-5 without touching the bottom row.
Gravitron Gravitron 2.64 05/09/2017 03:56:47
Survive for 30 seconds in the cog room of 4-3 on at least V mode.
Wasted Wasted 2.26 05/09/2017 03:56:47
Defeat Wasteman.
Served Served 2.15 05/09/2017 03:56:47
Defeat B-Boy
Parred Parred 2.04 05/06/2017 05:39:53
Defeat Riddim.
Rinsed Rinsed 1.85 05/06/2017 05:39:53
Defeat Flow.
Hey! Listen! Hey! Listen! 1.75 05/06/2017 05:39:53
You should pay attention to The Fairy.
Bodied Bodied 1.54 05/06/2017 05:39:53
Defeat Germ 'n Whip.
First Blood First Blood 1.08 05/06/2017 05:39:53
Complete the Tutorial. Good luck!

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Murked Murked 2.39
Defeat Dark Rude Bear
Ethered Ethered 2.44
Defeat The Wizard
Search Party Search Party 2.88
Find something out of place.
Quick Learner Quick Learner 2.61
Beat the tutorial in under 26 seconds.
Pedestrian Pedestrian 2.34
Finish 1-2 without touching the travelling block for more than half a second.
Tight Fit Tight Fit 2.20
Skip the descending lift in 1-4.
Migi Osu Migi Osu 2.61
Reach the second coffin in 1-5 in under 8 seconds.
Ghost Ride Whip Ghost Ride Whip 2.70
Get to the second coffin in 1-B3 in under 8 seconds.
Flash Freeze Flash Freeze 2.67
Finish the last corridor in 2-1 by jumping under the icicles.
No Chill No Chill 2.88
Beat 2-2 without touching any icicles.
The Dave Method The Dave Method 2.73
Get through the spiky tunnel at the start of 2-5 by riding a corpse.
Boulderdash Boulderdash 2.80
Jump on every block in the final corridor and beat the boulder to the exit of 3-2.
Red Snake Red Snake 2.95
Beat the Red Snake corridor in 3-4 with 0 corpses.
Archeologist Archeologist 2.88
Destroy all sand blocks in one life on 3-4.
In The Fade In The Fade 2.91
Get past the final shaft in 4-2 without wallsliding.
Death Wish Death Wish 2.85
Go backwards in 4-3 from the final coffin to the previous coffin.
Inner Sanctum Inner Sanctum 2.68
Pass the third frost laser on 4-4 without stepping off frosty ground.
Swinger Swinger 3.03
Beat 5-3 with less than 50 jump button presses.
Warper Warper 2.91
Beat 5-4 with less than 30 jump button presses.
Doctor's Orders Doctor's Orders 2.80
Found Rudey's dark secret.
Mighty Pirate Mighty Pirate 2.88
Spend 10 minutes under the fleshwater in 6-1.
28 Seconds Later 28 Seconds Later 2.89
Get to the 4th coffin in under 28 seconds on 6-2.
Free Faller Free Faller 2.99
Beat 6-3 in less than 30 jump button presses.
No Touching! No Touching! 2.99
Beat 6-5 on Iron without pushing against Dark Rude Bear.
Nine Rider Nine Rider 2.80
Beat the third deathclock on 7-4, only touching the marked platform
Grafting Grafting 2.80
Complete one section 5 times on Practice Mode.
Sinister Sinister 2.41
Complete Castle World in one go with only one hand.
Absolutely Flowless Absolutely Flowless 3.07
Complete Iceworld in one go without dying or fighting Flow.
Pit Marauder Pit Marauder 3.07
Beat Temple in under 8 minutes in one go, collecting all the fairy statues.
Sub-Spartan Sub-Spartan 2.99
Complete Factory in one go with less than 300 jump button presses.
Artificial Bear Artificial Bear 3.07
Complete Spacestation in less than 10 deaths in one go.
Undercooked Undercooked 3.07
Beat Fleshworld in under 5 minutes 30 on V Mode in one go.
Extreme Ironing Extreme Ironing 3.07
Beat Hateworld in under 10 minutes on Iron mode in one go.
Ultimate Violet Ultimate Violet 2.77
Complete every level in Castle World without dying, including bonus levels.
Ultimate Blue Ultimate Blue 2.77
Complete every level in Iceworld without dying, including bonus levels.
Ultimate Yellow Ultimate Yellow 2.88
Complete every level in Temple World without dying, including bonus levels.
Ultimate Orange Ultimate Orange 2.95
Complete every level in Factory World without dying, including bonus levels.
Ultimate Green Ultimate Green 2.95
Complete every level in Spacestation World without dying, including bonus levels.
Ultimate Red Ultimate Red 3.03
Complete every level in Fleshworld without dying, including bonus levels.
Ultimate Indigo Ultimate Indigo 3.03
Complete every level in Hateworld without dying, including bonus levels.
Iron-57 Iron-57 3.03
Complete every level in the game on at least Iron.
Viridian Man Viridian Man 3.03
Complete every level in the game on at least V.
Elf Kid Elf Kid 3.03
Complete every level in the game in 10 or less deaths.
Wizard Piece Wizard Piece 2.95
Collect every Fairy statue.
Brown Bomber Brown Bomber 3.12
Beat the Boss Rush Marathon without dying.
Nonstop Rudeness Nonstop Rudeness 3.12
Beat the Full Run marathon in under 2 hours 10 minutes.
Ursine God Ursine God 3.12
Collect every other achievement.

Achievement Stats 1.21
Executed 3 queries
689.25 KiB memory usage
20 crawler available

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