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Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Industrial Sabotage Industrial Sabotage 1.48
Encounter the IRI Assassin.
Deep Dweller Deep Dweller 1.62
Defeat the rock creature in the caverns.
Rogue Scientist Rogue Scientist 1.64
Put the rogue scientist to rest.
Hostile Waters Hostile Waters 1.65
Destroy the reef guardians.
We Meet Again We Meet Again 1.66
Defeat the IRI Assassin for the second time.
Haywire Haywire 1.66
Destroy the missile frigate.
Final Encounter Final Encounter 1.66
Defeat the IRI Assassin for the last time.
An Easy Escape An Easy Escape 1.66
Finish the game on Easy Mode.
Escape from Tethys Escape from Tethys 1.66
Finish the game on Normal Mode.
A Hasty Escape A Hasty Escape 1.71
Finish the game in Normal Mode in under 45 minutes.
Locked and Loaded Locked and Loaded 1.70
Find all the ammo upgrades.
Artificial Enhancement Artificial Enhancement 1.70
Find all the health upgrades.
Tech Expert Tech Expert 1.68
Find every upgrade.
Tethys Explorer Tethys Explorer 1.69
Explore every area on Tethys.
Mysterious Planet Mysterious Planet 1.68
Unlock the high-security gate.

Achievement Stats 1.21
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627.70 KiB memory usage
20 crawler available

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