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5.2 hours playing time on record

Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Dragonrider Dragonrider 1.11 08/31/2018 19:19:24
Get the dragon ending.
Freedom! Freedom! 0.95 08/31/2018 19:19:24
Complete the game.
Objection! Objection! 1.03 08/31/2018 19:08:29
Complete the not-guilty path in level 11.
Unchained Unchained 1.06 08/31/2018 18:57:43
Complete Chainmoor
Tag, you're it! Tag, you're it! 0.97 08/31/2018 18:51:06
Beat the princess in a race section.
Jumped the Shark Jumped the Shark 0.98 08/31/2018 18:45:43
Escape the shark boss.
Bombarded Bombarded 0.92 08/30/2018 18:15:45
Complete Bombard
Blacksmith Blacksmith 0.75 08/30/2018 18:05:53
Buy all the equippable items in the shop.
I Meant to do That I Meant to do That 0.70 08/30/2018 17:59:41
Kill yourself with a bomb.
Overdrive Overdrive 0.58 08/30/2018 17:55:44
Collect 50 large gears.
Space Invader Space Invader 0.60 08/30/2018 17:55:27
Enter a no-boys-allowed zone.

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Going Solo Going Solo 1.56
Get the solo ending.
Saved By the Princess Saved By the Princess 1.26
Get the princess ending.
Invincible Invincible 1.02
Pass a level without dying.
Prince of Thieves Prince of Thieves 1.17
Complete the guilty path in level 11.
Immortal Immortal 1.71
Pass the game without dying.
Bigger Boat Bigger Boat 1.02
Kill the shark boss.
Par-Core Par-Core 1.58
Get cog, time and death par for all levels
Clockwork Clockwork 1.51
Get under time par for every level
Undead Undead 1.55
Get under the death par for every level
Hoarder Hoarder 1.54
Get over cog par for every level
Freerunner Freerunner 1.51
Complete game without buying any equipment
Fearless Fearless 1.58
Complete the game on Hard mode

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