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1.9 hours playing time on record

Game Achievement Points Unlocked
No achievements available

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Dragon Cyclone Finish Dragon Cyclone Finish 0.79
Defeat an end boss with Lilac's Dragon Cyclone
Rolling Stones Rolling Stones 0.87
Get a boulder to wrap around the screen
Milla Unlocked! Milla Unlocked! 0.75
Clear Relic Maze as any character
Dragon Power Dragon Power 1.19
Clear all Lilac stages
Call of the Wildcat Call of the Wildcat 1.58
Clear all Carol stages
Spirit of the Hound Spirit of the Hound 1.80
Clear all Milla stages
No Death Clear No Death Clear 2.09
Clear the game without losing any lives
Speedrunner Clear Speedrunner Clear 2.07
Clear the game in less than 90 minutes
Gem Hoarder Gem Hoarder 2.17
Clear the game with over 6000 crystal shards
Target Master (Lilac) Target Master (Lilac) 1.64
Clear all target rooms in Shang Mu Academy as Lilac
Target Master (Carol) Target Master (Carol) 1.73
Clear all target rooms in Shang Mu Academy as Carol
Target Master (Milla) Target Master (Milla) 1.78
Clear all target rooms in Shang Mu Academy as Milla
Rising Slash Finish Rising Slash Finish 1.35
Defeat an end boss with Lilac's Rising Slash
Dragon Boost Finish Dragon Boost Finish 1.02
Defeat an end boss with Lilac's Dragon Boost
Wild Claw Finish Wild Claw Finish 1.58
Defeat an end boss with Carol's Wild Claw
Wild Kick Finish Wild Kick Finish 1.16
Defeat an end boss with Carol's Wild Kick
Motorcycle Finish Motorcycle Finish 1.29
Defeat an end boss while riding Carol's motorcycle
Phantom Block Finish Phantom Block Finish 1.66
Defeat an end boss with Milla's phantom blocks
Super Shield Burst Finish Super Shield Burst Finish 1.61
Defeat an end boss with Milla's Super Shield Burst
Lilac the Switch Skipper Lilac the Switch Skipper 1.53
Skip the switch door in Dragon Valley as Lilac
Claw Bypass Claw Bypass 1.71
Skip the Claw boss in Relic Maze
Disco Fever Disco Fever 1.30
Bust some dance moves in Fortune Night
CPU Finish CPU Finish 1.40
Let one of your teammates finish off Robopanther
Boost Perfectionist Boost Perfectionist 1.94
Destroy a Chopper with a single Dragon Boost as Lilac
Card Collector (Dragon Valley) Card Collector (Dragon Valley) 1.75
Collect all 10 cards in Dragon Valley
Card Collector (Relic Maze) Card Collector (Relic Maze) 1.82
Collect all 10 cards in Relic Maze
Card Collector (Aqua Tunnel) Card Collector (Aqua Tunnel) 2.00
Collect all 10 cards in Aqua Tunnel
Card Collector (Fortune Night) Card Collector (Fortune Night) 1.96
Collect all 10 cards in Fortune Night
Card Collector (Sky Battalion) Card Collector (Sky Battalion) 1.99
Collect all 10 cards in Sky Battalion
Card Collector (Jade Creek) Card Collector (Jade Creek) 1.97
Collect all 10 cards in Jade Creek
Card Collector (Thermal Base) Card Collector (Thermal Base) 2.07
Collect all 10 cards in Thermal Base
Card Collector (Trap Hideout) Card Collector (Trap Hideout) 2.05
Collect all 10 cards in Trap Hideout
Card Collector (Pangu Lagoon) Card Collector (Pangu Lagoon) 2.06
Collect all 10 cards in Pangu Lagoon
Card Collector (Battle Glacier) Card Collector (Battle Glacier) 2.07
Collect all 10 cards in Battle Glacier
Push Block KO Push Block KO 1.13
Destroy the Eye Golem in Relic Maze with a push block
All Bone, No Brain All Bone, No Brain 1.26
Trick the Bone Golem in Relic Maze into destroying itself
Preemptive Strike I Preemptive Strike I 1.89
Destroy both of the Mantalith's arms before the fight begins
Preemptive Strike II Preemptive Strike II 1.80
Destroy Prince Dail's shield before he finishes his monologue
Treasure Hunter Treasure Hunter 1.60
Dig into a treasure spot as Milla
Ledge Taunt Ledge Taunt 1.41
Rest on the ledge during Lilac's fight with Spade
Freefaller Freefaller 1.74
Clear Sky Battalion without using Torque's plane
Secret Melody Secret Melody 1.52
Play the Secret Melody on a piano
Dragon Valley Speedrunner Dragon Valley Speedrunner 1.85
Clear Dragon Valley in 5 minutes
Relic Maze Speedrunner Relic Maze Speedrunner 1.94
Clear Relic Maze in 8 minutes
Aqua Tunnel Speedrunner Aqua Tunnel Speedrunner 2.02
Clear Aqua Tunnel in 5 minutes
Fortune Night Speedrunner Fortune Night Speedrunner 1.94
Clear Fortune Night in 8 minutes
Sky Battalion Speedrunner Sky Battalion Speedrunner 2.03
Clear Sky Battalion in 7 minutes
Jade Creek Speedrunner Jade Creek Speedrunner 2.03
Clear Jade Creek in 8 minutes
Thermal Base Speedrunner Thermal Base Speedrunner 2.11
Clear Thermal Base in 9 minutes
Trap Hideout Speedrunner Trap Hideout Speedrunner 2.11
Clear Trap Hideout in 6 minutes
Pangu Lagoon Speedrunner Pangu Lagoon Speedrunner 2.12
Clear Pangu Lagoon in 8 minutes
Battle Glacier Speedrunner Battle Glacier Speedrunner 2.06
Clear Battle Glacier in 12 minutes
Final Dreadnought 1 Speedrunner Final Dreadnought 1 Speedrunner 1.79
Clear Final Dreadnought 1 in 5 minutes
Final Dreadnought 2 Speedrunner Final Dreadnought 2 Speedrunner 1.84
Clear Final Dreadnought 2 in 9 minutes
Final Dreadnought 3 Speedrunner Final Dreadnought 3 Speedrunner 1.67
Clear Final Dreadnought 3 in 6 minutes
Final Dreadnought 4 Speedrunner Final Dreadnought 4 Speedrunner 1.88
Clear Final Dreadnought 4 in 8 minutes

Achievement Stats 1.21
Executed 3 queries
674.47 KiB memory usage
20 crawler available

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