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11.3 hours playing time on record

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Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Speedrunner Speedrunner 1.52 07/03/2021 18:16:32
Beat the game in less than 8 days
That's not very milk of you, sir That's not very milk of you, sir 1.14 07/03/2021 18:15:11
Kill 250 cows
Treasure Hunter Treasure Hunter 0.96 07/03/2021 18:07:14
Open 500 chests
The Black Swordsman The Black Swordsman 1.10 07/02/2021 17:40:30
Wield the Night Blade
Learning the ropes Learning the ropes 1.16 07/02/2021 01:52:45
Beat the game on normal difficulty
Set sail Set sail 0.77 07/02/2021 01:50:33
Leave Muck
Pain and suffering Pain and suffering 0.59 07/01/2021 19:59:22
Die 10 times
Fearless Fearless 0.69 07/01/2021 19:06:25
Slay all bosses
Guardian Guardian 0.60 07/01/2021 19:06:25
Defeat Guardian
The red plumber man lied The red plumber man lied 0.88 07/01/2021 19:06:20
Eat 50 red shrooms without growing bigger
Gronk Gronk 0.55 07/01/2021 18:15:37
Defeat Gronk
Oh you don't know what Karlson is? Oh you don't know what Karlson is? 1.14 07/01/2021 17:40:11
Find and wishlist Karlson in Muck
Team player Team player 0.36 07/01/2021 17:40:11
Revive a teammate
Big Mistake Big Mistake 0.15 07/01/2021 17:40:11
Play Muck for the first time
Muckinator Muckinator 0.43 07/01/2021 16:19:49
Kill 100 mobs
David vs Goliath David vs Goliath 0.52 07/01/2021 16:10:14
Defeat big chunk

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Easy Peasy Easy Peasy 0.91
Beat the game on easy difficulty
Hardcore gamer Hardcore gamer 1.53
Beat the game on gamer difficulty
A gamer move A gamer move 1.61
Beat the game in less than 10 days on Gamer mode
What the muck What the muck 1.74
Beat the game without any players picking up a powerup
Untouchable Untouchable 1.77
Beat the game alone without taking any damage (Normal difficulty or harder)
Dream Team Dream Team 1.79
Beat the game with 2 players, but no one can take any damage (Normal diff or harder)
The bois The bois 1.80
Beat the game with 4 players, but no one can take any damage (Normal diff or harder)
Sweat and tears Sweat and tears 1.80
Beat the game with 8 players, but no one can take any damage (Normal diff or harder)
Caveman Caveman 1.73
Beat the game using only a rock as your weapon / tool. This goes for all players.
Muckinator 2 Muckinator 2 0.98
Kill 1,000 mobs
Muckinator 3 Muckinator 3 1.78
Kill 10,000 mobs
Muckinator 4 Muckinator 4 1.80
Kill 100,000 mobs
Underdog Underdog 1.78
Kill 250 buff mobs
Bullseye Bullseye 1.63
Kill 200 enemies using bows
Death Wish Death Wish 1.51
Start 200 battle totems
Goblin Slayer Goblin Slayer 1.52
Slay 1000 goblins
This is fine This is fine 1.02
Die 25 times
Muck off Muck off 1.44
Die 50 Times
Muck this game Muck this game 1.72
Die 100 Times
You're not a fish You're not a fish 1.04
Architect Architect 1.20
Build 250 builds
Illegal work Illegal work 1.05
Craft 1,000 coins
Go outside Go outside 1.73
Survive for 100 days
Milkman Milkman 1.16
Pick up 10 Milk powerups in one game
You're a fish You're a fish 1.76
Swim 25km
Salty Salty 1.16
Kill a friend on Survival Mode
Leg day Leg day 1.32
Walk 250km
I am Inevitable I am Inevitable 1.22
Collect all 5 gems
Phoon Phoon 1.64
Jump 10,000 times
Muck Muck 1.78
Beat the game using only a rock, taking no damage and using no powerups. This goes for all players in lobby. (Normal or harder)
Chief Chief 0.60
Defeat Chief
Irresistible Irresistible 0.73
Open Chiefs chest
Public Enemy Public Enemy 1.38
Kill 100 Woodmen

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