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0.3 hours playing time on record

Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Like a Boy Like a Boy 0.34 12/23/2015 03:17:07
Slay a miniboss on Normal Difficulty
Sarcaster's Coffee Club Sarcaster's Coffee Club 0.54 12/23/2015 03:10:58
Join Sarcaster's Coffee Club

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Kill 100 Monsters Kill 100 Monsters 0.24
Kill 100 Monsters
Kill 400 Monsters Kill 400 Monsters 0.30
Kill 400 Monsters
Kill 1600 Monsters Kill 1600 Monsters 0.42
Kill 1600 Monsters
Kill 6400 Monsters Kill 6400 Monsters 0.65
Kill 6400 Monsters
Level 10 Level 10 0.33
Gain level 10!
Level 20 Level 20 0.42
Gain level 20!
Level 30 Level 30 0.49
Gain level 30!
Level 40 Level 40 0.54
Gain level 40!
Level 50 Level 50 0.61
Gain level 50!
Level 60 Level 60 0.68
Gain level 60!
Level 70 Level 70 0.75
Gain level 70!
Level 80 Level 80 0.81
Gain level 80!
Level 90 Level 90 0.87
Gain level 90!
Level 100 Level 100 0.92
Gain level 100!
Candy Land Candy Land 1.15
Find the secret Sheep level
Kill Death Kill Death 1.16
Kill Death
Kill Gurag the Demigod Kill Gurag the Demigod 1.04
Kill Gurag the Demigod
Kill 25400 Monsters Kill 25400 Monsters 1.06
Kill 25400 Monsters
Kill 50000 Monsters Kill 50000 Monsters 1.33
Kill 50000 Monsters
Complete Normal Complete Normal 0.82
Complete Normal Difficulty
Complete Nightmare Complete Nightmare 1.12
Complete Nightmare Difficulty
Complete Hell Complete Hell 1.20
Complete Hell Difficulty
Complete Normal HC Complete Normal HC 1.67
Complete Normal Difficulty on Hardcore
Complete Nightmare HC Complete Nightmare HC 1.80
Complete Nightmare Difficulty on Hardcore
Complete Hell HC Complete Hell HC 1.86
Complete Hell Difficulty on Hardcore
Kill Reincarnation of Ramses II Kill Reincarnation of Ramses II 1.20
Kill Reincarnation of Ramses II
Kill Son of Lucifer Kill Son of Lucifer 1.20
Kill Son of Lucifer
Solve a Puzzle Solve a Puzzle 0.37
Solve a Puzzle
Collect 100,000 Gold Collect 100,000 Gold 0.72
Collect 100,000 Gold
Collect 1,000,000 Gold Collect 1,000,000 Gold 1.15
Collect 1,000,000 Gold
Ancient Slayer Ancient Slayer 0.68
Slay one of the Ancient Monsters
Four's Party Four's Party 0.93
Play a 4-player Multiplayer game
Fellowship of Tarethiel Fellowship of Tarethiel 1.54
Complete the game with 4 players
Bushwack Bushwack 0.70
Demolish 5000 bushes
Legend of Tarethiel Legend of Tarethiel 2.02
Reach level 100 with all Heroes
Satanic Item Satanic Item 0.49
Obtain a Satanic item!
Like a Man Like a Man 0.74
Slay a miniboss on Nightmare Difficulty
Like a Sir Like a Sir 0.94
Slay a miniboss on Hell
Kill Uber Damien Kill Uber Damien 1.51
Kill Uber Damien in Fallen Inoya
Happy Halloween Happy Halloween 1.80
Complete the Halloween quest chain and unlock the halloween rewards!
Merry Christmas Merry Christmas 1.80
Complete the Christmas quest chain and unlock the Christmas rewards!
Clear an Unstable Rift Clear an Unstable Rift 1.20
Clear an Unstable Rift on any difficulty
Max Level Item Max Level Item 2.12
Upgrade an item to level 10
Obtain an Angelic item Obtain an Angelic item 2.54
Obtain an Angelic item from any enemy.
Kill Shade of Death Kill Shade of Death 2.39
Kill Shade of Death in Shadow Realm
Acquire ring Acquire ring 3.54
Acquire ring
Defeat Corrupted Odin Defeat Corrupted Odin 3.20
Defeat Corrupted Odin
Defeat Valkyrie Defeat Valkyrie 3.18
Defeat Valkyrie
Defeat Jörmungandr Defeat Jörmungandr 3.23
Defeat Jörmungandr
Clear Chaos Tower Clear Chaos Tower 2.81
Clear Chaos Tower
Defeat King Rakhul Defeat King Rakhul 3.37
Defeat King Rakhul
Enter Angelic Realm Enter Angelic Realm 3.35
Enter Angelic Realm
Defeat Sung Lee Defeat Sung Lee 3.54
Defeat Sung Lee

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