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Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Behind the Curtain Behind the Curtain 0.29 03/22/2016 06:41:29
View any of the developer commentaries.

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Days Long Past Days Long Past 0.68
Complete the new Special Edition level.
The Humble Moth The Humble Moth 0.88
Stun an elite guard with moths then dispatch him.
Back to Bed With You Back to Bed With You 0.72
Knock out an enemy again that was revived from being knocked out.
What Could Have Been What Could Have Been 0.81
Complete one of the original Mark of the Ninja levels using the Path of Wisdom.
Cordyceps Cordyceps 0.83
Dispatch two enemies at once using a body infected with Toxic Fungus.
Well, I Think It's Interesting Well, I Think It's Interesting 0.64
Read one of the history lesson developer commentaries.
Couldn't Do That Before Couldn't Do That Before 0.83
Disable a spotlight using the Dusk Moths.

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