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Game Achievement Points
It Took Two It Took Two 0.35
You did it! CO-LLA-BO-RATION!
Minigame Megalomania Minigame Megalomania 1.08
All minigames found!
Fried Friendship Fried Friendship 0.18
It takes two to… torture.
Struck A Pose Struck A Pose 0.16
Self-inflicted paparazzi.
Plastic Prison Breakers Plastic Prison Breakers 0.65
They had no way out.
Faraway Frequencies Faraway Frequencies 0.89
The truth was out there all along!
Look At Him Go Look At Him Go 0.24
Shoot for the stars, literally.
Break the Bank Break the Bank 0.33
Guess it was time to cash out.
A Daring Devil A Daring Devil 0.31
Put on a show and die trying.
Snackosaurus Snackosaurus 1.00
Now look who's extinct!
Realize Your Art Realize Your Art 0.77
Isn't it pretty? That's going on the fridge.
On Rails Experience On Rails Experience 0.31
Choo Choo!
Platforming Prodigy Platforming Prodigy 0.67
Helltower? More like hello-from-up-here-tower!
Force Triangulated Force Triangulated 0.74
Breathe some wind into your ocarina, my skyward princess!
Lost And Found Lost And Found 0.64
Again? Keep track of your kids!
Mood Swing Mood Swing 0.78
Took things a bit too far, didn't you?
Something Fishy Something Fishy 0.84
Don't feed the animals! Or do, they're adorable.
Terror Of The Seven Seas Terror Of The Seven Seas 0.72
Scurvy! Ye look smashing, captain!
Bug Sized Relaxation Bug Sized Relaxation 0.47
Release that tension at the root level.
Meditation Maestro Meditation Maestro 0.66
You reached a higher state of mind. Or at least some peace and quiet.

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