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Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Piece of the Action Piece of the Action 0.36 03/18/2023 22:36:23
Serve a pizza to a customer
Flawless Timing Flawless Timing 0.37 03/18/2023 06:55:59
Serve a customer with less than a second to spare
Health Inspector? Health Inspector? 0.13 03/18/2023 06:05:43
Complete a day with a mess on at least 10 tiles

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Steaks Were Made Steaks Were Made 0.27
Serve a steak to a customer
Work Smart Work Smart 0.60
Complete a day without any player leaving the tile they started on
Stirring Things Up Stirring Things Up 1.53
Serve a stir fry to a customer
A New Leaf A New Leaf 0.34
Serve a salad to a customer
Soggy Bottom Soggy Bottom 0.68
Serve a pie to a customer
Something Fishy Something Fishy 0.90
Serve a fish to a customer
Man's Best Friend? Man's Best Friend? 1.12
Serve a hotdog to a customer
Least Important Meal Least Important Meal 1.30
Serve a breakfast to a customer
Burger Prince Burger Prince 0.49
Serve a burger to a customer
This Is Fine This Is Fine 0.71
Complete a day when the restaurant has been on fire for more than 15 seconds
Fireman Fireman 1.46
Complete a day with 10 appliances on fire at once
Oh No Oh No 1.46
Set a customer on fire
Charcoal Factory Charcoal Factory 1.22
Cook something on a Danger Hob with an activated Gas Safety Override
Safety Last Safety Last 0.96
Wear Trainers while holding a Sharp Knife
Circle Line Circle Line 1.04
Convey an item back to where it started
Chef School Chef School 0.21
Activate Practice Mode during preparation time
New Chef Plus New Chef Plus 0.42
Create a franchise
Overtime 5 Overtime 5 0.86
Reach Overtime Day 5
Overtime 10 Overtime 10 1.30
Reach Overtime Day 10
Overtime 15 Overtime 15 1.55
Reach Overtime Day 15
Learning By Doing Learning By Doing 1.02
Throw away a cooked fish in the tutorial
Anti-social Anti-social 1.47
Complete a day without anyone serving a customer directly
Please Wait Please Wait 0.36
Have the first group to arrive still be waiting to order when the day ends

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