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Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
A Fiery Tale A Fiery Tale 0.86
Complete Zetterburn's Story Mode
A Slippery Saga A Slippery Saga 0.90
Complete Orcane's Story Mode
An Adverse Adventure An Adverse Adventure 0.91
Complete Wrastor's Story Mode
A Rocky Start A Rocky Start 0.82
Complete Kragg's Story Mode
A Smoldering Plot A Smoldering Plot 0.93
Complete Forsburn's Story Mode
A Maypul Story A Maypul Story 0.90
Complete Maypul's Story Mode
Open the Gates Open the Gates 1.01
Complete the Story Mode Epilogue
Into the Depths Into the Depths 1.31
Complete Wave 15 of Abyss Mode
The Endless Abyss The Endless Abyss 1.95
Complete Wave 45 of Abyss Mode
The Seasoned Rival The Seasoned Rival 1.34
Complete 300 Matches Locally or Online
The Apprentice Rival The Apprentice Rival 0.76
Complete the Beginner Tutorial Lessons
The Master Rival The Master Rival 1.52
Complete all Tutorial Lessons
The Skeptical Rival The Skeptical Rival 1.01
Turn on Hitboxes in Practice Mode
The Swift Rival The Swift Rival 1.94
Earn a Gold Medal on the 7 Story Modes
The Opulent Rival The Opulent Rival 2.09
Earn 100,000 Aether Coins
The Ardent Rival The Ardent Rival 2.06
Reach Level 10 with all 14 Abyss Characters
The Lone Rival The Lone Rival 1.76
Defeat the Story Mode Epilogue without losing a stock
The Reckless Flame The Reckless Flame 1.36
Get a KO with Zetterburn's Aerial Down Special
The Watery Trap The Watery Trap 0.91
Get a KO with Orcane's Up Special
The Terrible Tempest The Terrible Tempest 1.40
Get a KO with Wrastor's Neutral Special off the top.
The Boulder Barrage The Boulder Barrage 1.26
Get a KO with Kragg's rock shards.
The Deadly Deception The Deadly Deception 1.47
Get a KO with Forsburn's Clone.
The Vicious Vine The Vicious Vine 1.42
Get a KO by using Maypul's tether into an aerial.
The Calculated Strike The Calculated Strike 1.71
Get a KO using Absa's cloud exploded Down Air.
The Icy Plummet The Icy Plummet 1.38
Get a KO with Etalus' Up Special.
Endless Creativity Endless Creativity 1.05
Download and play as a Workshop Character in any mode.
The Rebel's Strike The Rebel's Strike 2.09
Get a KO with the tip of Mollo's Down Special
The Sweaty Smackdown The Sweaty Smackdown 2.54
Get a KO with Hodan's Parried Down Strong.
The Glamorous Showstopper The Glamorous Showstopper 2.34
Get a KO with Pomme's Up Special.
The Flawless Fist The Flawless Fist 2.17
Get a KO with Olympia's Down Air.

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