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2.8 hours playing time on record

Game Achievement Points Unlocked
War Lord War Lord 0.16 04/12/2022 19:23:48
Beat the first war scenario.
Moneybags Moneybags 0.14 04/12/2022 18:50:34
Earn 100,000 coin.
Fair Trade Fair Trade 0.14 04/07/2022 03:45:27
Purchase a new piece of gear.
Tinkerer Tinkerer 0.10 04/07/2022 03:44:02
Upgrade a piece of gear.
Assassin Assassin 0.10 04/07/2022 03:41:55
Kill 100 minions.

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
War Mage War Mage 0.40
Complete the main campaign.
Collector Collector 1.01
Acquire every item in the game.
Valedictorian Valedictorian 1.26
Earn 5 skulls on every scenario of the story campagin on Rift Lord difficulty.
Rift Lord Rift Lord 1.20
Complete the story campaign on Rift Lord difficulty.
Upgraded Upgraded 0.31
Purchase all upgrades for a single trap.
Survivor Survivor 0.49
Survive 10 waves in a single endless match.
Well Equipped Well Equipped 0.26
Unlock all gear slots.
First Flight First Flight 0.69
Complete the Drastic Steps campaign.
The Landing The Landing 1.24
Complete the Drastic Steps campaign on Rift Lord difficulty.
Top Floor Top Floor 1.33
Earn 5 skulls on every scenario of the Drastic Steps campagin on Rift Lord difficulty.
Warpath Warpath 0.38
Kill 10,000 minions.
Can't Stop Me Now Can't Stop Me Now 0.68
Survive 25 waves in a single endless match.
Challenge Accepted Challenge Accepted 0.65
Complete any Weekly Challenge.
Cracking Eggs Cracking Eggs 0.72
Complete Tier 2 in Scramble.
Making an Omelet Making an Omelet 0.89
Complete Tier 5 in Scramble.
Scrambled Eggs Scrambled Eggs 0.75
Reroll a debuff in Scramble.
Combo Apprentice Combo Apprentice 0.25
Score 500,000 in any campaign scenario.
Combo War Mage Combo War Mage 0.78
Score 5,000,000 in any endless match.
Combo Rift Lord Combo Rift Lord 1.25
Score 5,000,000 total in Scramble.
Millionaire Millionaire 0.43
Earn 1,000,000 coin.
Rifts Protected Rifts Protected 1.38
Complete all acheivements.

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