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Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Annonaut Annonaut 0.21 01/24/2020 00:56:07
Construct at least one of each Training Center.
Extraterrestrial Brain Extraterrestrial Brain 0.01 01/23/2020 11:57:21
Apply a Technology.

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Jack of all Trades Jack of all Trades 0.53
Construct all Orbital Workshop types at least once.
Key to Life Key to Life 0.52
Construct 5 Agriculture Chambers.
Matter of the Universe Matter of the Universe 0.72
Construct 5 Heavy Industry Halls.
Future of Humankind Future of Humankind 0.69
Construct 5 Biotech Complexes.
Digital Veins Digital Veins 0.65
Construct 5 Electronics Cleanrooms.
Fuelling Civilisations Fuelling Civilisations 0.65
Construct 5 Energy Clusters.
Complete Assembly Complete Assembly 0.68
Construct 12 Orbital Workshops of any type.
Reassembly Reassembly 0.75
Move your Orbital Workshops or Modules 100 times.
Deorbiting Deorbiting 0.71
Demolish at least 20 Orbital Workshops or Modules at once.
Space Botanists Space Botanists 0.81
Train 100 Biologists for the same shuttle flight.
Astrophysicists Astrophysicists 0.83
Train 100 Physicists for the same shuttle flight.
Duct Tape Experts Duct Tape Experts 0.90
Train 100 Engineers for the same shuttle flight.
First Flight First Flight 0.13
Gain an Expertise balance of 100.
Permanent Crew Permanent Crew 0.73
Gain an Expertise balance of 600.
Station Commander Station Commander 0.95
Gain an Expertise balance of 1200.
Agricultural Frontrunner Agricultural Frontrunner 0.81
Apply all Agriculture Technologies.
Cyborg Developer Cyborg Developer 0.89
Apply all Biotech Technologies.
Weightless Industry Weightless Industry 0.91
Apply all Heavy Industry Technologies.
Electronics Revolutionary Electronics Revolutionary 0.87
Apply all Electronics Technologies.
Energy Optimizer Energy Optimizer 0.89
Apply all Energy Technologies.
Station Pressurized Station Pressurized 0.74
Produce all Station Expansions.
The Micromanager From Above The Micromanager From Above 0.98
Apply the Orbital Warehouses and the Control System Overclocking Technologies.
Human Batteries Human Batteries 0.98
Apply the Robotic Workforce and the Kinetic Micro-Generator Technologies.
Unchained Unchained 0.96
Apply all product replacement Technologies.
Among Friends Among Friends 0.94
Apply all Joint Ventures Technologies.
Portfolio Diversification Portfolio Diversification 0.73
Apply one Technology in every industry.

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