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2.7 hours playing time on record

Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Achieved Nothing Achieved Nothing 0.73 06/10/2021 21:48:42
You gave the fish to the cat...but nothing was achieved.
Prodigal Daughter Prodigal Daughter 0.66 06/09/2021 22:26:46
You completed Chapter 1

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
New Girl New Girl 0.70
You completed Chapter 2
Lonely Seashore Lonely Seashore 0.70
You completed Chapter 3
Second Chance Second Chance 0.72
You completed Chapter 4
Princess Of Maggots Princess Of Maggots 0.72
You completed Chapter 5
The Factory The Factory 0.73
You completed Chapter 6
Awake Awake 0.73
You completed Chapter 7
Dead End Dead End 1.06
You found a dead end in a dream
The Dog Gentleman The Dog Gentleman 0.72
You asked Zack about the games he made
Ice Cubes Ice Cubes 0.73
You continued to ask Zack about the games he made
Don't Feed The Crow Don't Feed The Crow 0.88
You fed the Crow 3 times...with disastrous consequences!
On The Mend On The Mend 0.85
You saved Al from his alcohol addiction!
Make Him Drink Again Make Him Drink Again 0.89
You lured Al back into his alcohol addiction!
Enjoy Your Cuppa, Bitch Enjoy Your Cuppa, Bitch 0.98
You spiked Zoe's tea with laxatives...eww!
The Kitchen's On Fire! The Kitchen's On Fire! 1.11
You were a nuisance to Zoe whilst she was on the toilet
You Belong In The Sea You Belong In The Sea 0.78
You threw the starfish back in the sea
Random Act Of Kindness Random Act Of Kindness 0.99
You topped up Susan's electricity meter
A New Life A New Life 0.78
You lit the Queen's candles...
I'll Do It I'll Do It 0.69
You agreed to wash Marjory
The Other Side Of Fear The Other Side Of Fear 0.78
You got the golden ending!
Life Starts Here Life Starts Here 1.04
You got the regular ending!
First Ciagrette First Ciagrette 0.86
You accepted Maria's offer to smoke...and smoke you did.
Mmm... Coffee Mmm... Coffee 0.97
You took a sip of coffee!
Goodbye, Lorelai Goodbye, Lorelai 0.85
You banished the Queen of Maggots with these very words
First Kiss First Kiss 0.74
You kissed Zack!
Devil Came Through Here Devil Came Through Here 1.21
You got every achievement! And with that, the trilogy is at an end. Thank you for your support and enjoyment of the games!

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