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107.5 hours playing time on record

Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Coop Star Coop Star 1.12 06/11/2014 21:48:42
Get a letter grade in every level (except Encores) in Normal Co-op Story Mode.
Freedom Hero Freedom Hero 1.72 05/28/2014 23:06:09
Free all the prisoners in the Gift Shop by unlocking or trading.
Insane Solo Star Insane Solo Star 1.70 05/28/2014 14:24:25
Get a letter grade in every level (except Encores) in insane solo story mode.
All Around Joe All Around Joe 1.33 05/25/2014 22:32:34
Be on the winning team in one arena match of every mode.
Crowd Pleaser Crowd Pleaser 1.52 05/23/2014 23:08:14
Complete all the Encores in any mode.
Chicken Toucher Chicken Toucher 0.64 05/09/2014 21:33:54
Play with the Behemoth or someone with this achievement in an online game.
Solo Star Solo Star 1.21 05/08/2014 22:11:53
Get a letter grade in every level (except Encores) in Normal Solo Story Mode.
Weapons Master Weapons Master 1.24 04/05/2014 23:03:00
Use each weapon successfully.
The Professional The Professional 1.40 04/04/2014 19:47:23
Be on the winning team in 100 arena matches.
Take A Bow Take A Bow 0.55 04/04/2014 16:19:01
Complete an encore level in Story Mode.
Hats Off Hats Off 0.90 04/04/2014 13:15:53
Get a letter grade in all eight finales in any mode.
Social Butterfly Social Butterfly 1.19 04/04/2014 12:30:49
Collect all the prisoners of one head shape.
Secret Hat Hunter Secret Hat Hunter 1.07 04/03/2014 17:44:16
Collect 10 Golden Hats.
Deadly Performer Deadly Performer 0.51 04/02/2014 22:10:12
Get 100 kills.
Seasoned Performer Seasoned Performer 0.54 04/02/2014 18:07:51
Complete the first four finales in any mode.
Traitor Traitor 0.51 04/02/2014 17:16:25
Kill your teammate 50 times.
Consolation Prize Consolation Prize 0.54 04/02/2014 12:09:05
Die enough times and we give you a prize.
Jail Breaker Jail Breaker 0.67 04/02/2014 11:09:55
Free 50 prisoners in the Gift Shop.
Armed and Dangerous Armed and Dangerous 0.64 04/02/2014 11:09:04
Collect all the weapons in the Gift Shop by unlocking or trading.
Theater Manager Theater Manager 1.02 04/01/2014 22:02:00
Download and host a game of user-created levels.
Melee Master Melee Master 0.69 04/01/2014 21:33:19
Successfully use every melee attack move.
First Time Trader First Time Trader 0.63 04/01/2014 20:31:50
Make a trade with someone.
Virtuoso Virtuoso 0.48 04/01/2014 18:14:51
Get an A++ in 10 levels.
Secret Finder Secret Finder 0.27 04/01/2014 17:59:13
Find a secret level.
Cast Member Cast Member 0.12 04/01/2014 17:47:33
Complete the story's opening sequence in any mode.
Theater Critic Theater Critic 1.11 04/01/2014 17:41:26
Complete 10 user-created levels in a single Featured Story playlist.
Black Marketeer Black Marketeer 0.19 04/01/2014 17:09:29
Get yourself a cool new weapon.
Nail File Cake Nail File Cake 0.20 04/01/2014 17:00:23
Free a fellow prisoner.
Prison Food Prison Food 0.30 04/01/2014 09:11:55
Get eaten alive.

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Insane Coop Star Insane Coop Star 1.77
Get a letter grade in every level (except Encores) in insane co-op story mode.

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