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Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Battle of Britain Battle of Britain 1.12 06/20/2015 15:18:31
Complete all Missions of Chapter 1.
Fortress Crasher! Fortress Crasher! 1.12 06/20/2015 15:18:31
Defeat General Neumann.
Junkers to the junk yard! Junkers to the junk yard! 1.15 06/20/2015 15:16:54
Down half a dozen heavy bombers. (Mission 1-3)
Stuka Jamboree! Stuka Jamboree! 1.02 06/20/2015 15:12:43
Dance, dive bombers. Dance! (Mission 1-2)
Heinkel, mein kill! Heinkel, mein kill! 1.02 06/20/2015 15:12:23
Kill three Heinkel Bombers. (Mission 1-2)
I sure hate Fockes! I sure hate Fockes! 1.07 06/20/2015 15:09:22
Kill 300 Focke-Wulfs. (Mission 1-1)

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Bird of Prey! Bird of Prey! 1.06
Kill 1000 foes!
Ace of Aces! Ace of Aces! 1.32
Shoot down 5000 planes.
Total Annihilation! Total Annihilation! 1.74
Rack up 25000 kills!
Bombs away! Bombs away! 1.26
Bomb 100 targets.
Bullseye! Bullseye! 1.55
Bomb 500 targets.
Nothing but ruins! Nothing but ruins! 1.83
Bomb 2500 targets.
Look what I found! Look what I found! 1.16
Collect 1000 Medals.
Medal Magnet! Medal Magnet! 1.44
Grab 5000 Medals.
The Collector! The Collector! 1.58
Need! Need! Need!
Guy Fockes Day! Guy Fockes Day! 1.58
7777 confirmed Focke-Wulf kills.
Kill the Elite! Kill the Elite! 1.55
1337 confirmed Me262 kills.
I don't like Ju! I don't like Ju! 1.49
88 confirmed Ju88 kills.
Back to hell! Back to hell! 1.81
666 confirmed Ghost kills.
My gun is bigger than yours! My gun is bigger than yours! 1.06
Collect 48 Power-Ups.
Six times Two is 262 Six times Two is 262 1.09
Kill a dozen Messerschmitts! (Mission 1-1)
That'll be fifty two sixty two! That'll be fifty two sixty two! 1.23
Shoot down 50 jet planes. (Mission 1-3)
Duck and Cover! Duck and Cover! 1.18
Bomb 6 Axis factories with the Allied bomber. (Mission 2-1)
Blitzkrieg, Schmitzkrieg. Blitzkrieg, Schmitzkrieg. 1.72
Bomb all the Axis panzers invading France. (Mission 2-2)
Flak off! Flak off! 1.71
Bomb 30 AA gun nests! (Mission 2-3)
Ewww, Fighters! Ewww, Fighters! 1.56
Shoot down all three of the Super Planes. (Mission 2-3)
Panzers no more. Panzers no more. 1.42
Defeat Major Kohler.
The Panzer Menace The Panzer Menace 1.42
Complete all Missions of Chapter 2.
The new kind! The new kind! 1.48
Shoot down 25 Bf110 planes. (Mission 3-1)
It's-a meee! It's-a meee! 1.42
Kill a Fiat BR.20 bomber. (Mission 3-1)
I said, FLAK OFF! I said, FLAK OFF! 1.75
Bomb 40 AA gun nests! (Mission 3-2)
Roflcopter? Roflcopter? 1.58
Whatever those things are, kill them. (Mission 3-2)
Fury of the Red Fockes! Fury of the Red Fockes! 1.69
Rumor has it there's over 70 airborne. (Mission 3-3)
Don't eat Burning Snow. Don't eat Burning Snow. 1.60
Defeat Oberst Müller.
Dawn of the Dragon Dawn of the Dragon 1.60
Complete all Missions of Chapter 3.
Hide and Seek Hide and Seek 1.70
Stay stealthy the entire mission. (Mission 4-1)
Let them Burn Let them Burn 1.51
Shoot down 10 Zeppelins. (Mission 4-2)
Eugenburg Eugenburg 1.58
Defeat the Mad Scientist. (Mission 4-4)
Turkey Shoot Turkey Shoot 1.58
Complete all Missions of Chapter 4.
Break the Formation Break the Formation 1.62
Shoot down 15 Heinkel planes. (Mission 5-1)
Duck and Cover - Again! Duck and Cover - Again! 1.69
Bomb 3 Axis Airbases with the Allied bomber. (Mission 5-2)
Who you gonna call? Who you gonna call? 1.68
Shoot down all 7 Ghost planes. (Mission 5-2)
With another tale to spin With another tale to spin 1.66
Evade all Mines. (Mission 5-3)
From Dusk Till Dawn From Dusk Till Dawn 1.73
Defeat Commander Meiler
Night Over Europe Night Over Europe 1.74
Complete all Missions of Chapter 5.

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