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15.7 hours playing time on record

Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Deception Deception 0.77 04/26/2014 22:26:37
Try to lie your way out of it
Time to Move On Time to Move On 0.61 04/26/2014 22:26:36
Complete the story
Unbound Unbound 0.61 04/26/2014 21:56:46
Free yourself
Laying it Bear Laying it Bear 0.88 04/26/2014 21:48:59
Learn a long kept secret
Legacy Legacy 0.61 04/26/2014 20:59:55
Reunite a family
Convergence Convergence 0.61 04/26/2014 20:32:51
Two becomes one
Dumpster Jumper Dumpster Jumper 0.86 04/26/2014 20:14:39
Make a leap without falling once
Ghostly silent Ghostly silent 0.77 04/25/2014 03:58:24
Keep clam and keep cool
Joined the Music Joined the Music 0.60 04/25/2014 03:31:07
She has plenty of time...
Online Troll Online Troll 0.60 04/25/2014 03:12:37
Gain access to an online game
Curtain Call Curtain Call 0.59 04/24/2014 20:32:01
Save your first ghost
Teamwork Teamwork 0.59 04/24/2014 20:18:32
Solve a puzzle together

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Blowey Mallone Blowey Mallone 0.93
Blow on everyone you can find
Move on and Listen Move on and Listen 1.09
Finish the game in commentary mode (from the first screen till the last)
Goldfarb Digger Goldfarb Digger 0.98
Find a secret room
Epiphany Epiphany 0.74
The hows and whys of Joey
Softly Softly Softly Softly 1.15
Create no more than 450 footprints
Snow Plow Snow Plow 1.13
Somebody's got to do it...

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