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Game Achievement Points
Free Software Supporter Free Software Supporter 2.11
Run the game from Linux or SteamOS.
1337 h4x0r 1337 h4x0r 2.19
Hack a megacorporation
Self-pwn Self-pwn 2.40
Try to hack the hacker megacorp
Repeat customer Repeat customer 1.51
Load a saved game
@pple Fanbot @pple Fanbot 2.26
Start the game on OS X
M$ Slave M$ Slave 0.96
Start the game on Windows
Realtor Realtor 1.69
Buy a building
Relocator Relocator 1.83
Move your headquarters
Downsizing Downsizing 2.20
Sell a building
Low-Risk Investor Low-Risk Investor 1.65
Pay off your bank loan completely
Serious Borrower Serious Borrower 2.04
Take out a loan over 1000XDG
Bankrupt Bankrupt 1.88
Go bankrupt
Randomizer Randomizer 1.01
Start the game with a seed other than the default
Hostile Hostile 2.12
Take over any megacorp
They Hunger They Hunger 2.32
Take over Domestic Edible Deliveries
Whoa Whoa 2.34
Take over The Narcotics Cooperative
Tapped in Tapped in 2.34
Take over Desperate Designers
Posters are a strange love Posters are a strange love 2.34
Take over Posters of Interest
Shhhhh Shhhhh 2.34
Take over Loudmouth Frog
Pirate Pirate 2.37
Take over $MUSIC$
Your friend is my friend Your friend is my friend 2.40
Take over Friendface
Securities secured Securities secured 2.34
Take over Secure Storage Syndicate
Unboxed Unboxed 2.46
Take over Personbox
Deconstructed Deconstructed 2.23
Take over The Construct
And they said you can't buy happiness And they said you can't buy happiness 2.37
Take over Happy Banking Co
A new life awaits you in the off-world colonies A new life awaits you in the off-world colonies 2.40
Take over Blimpy Bros
Hack the Gibson Hack the Gibson 2.46
Take over 256 Shades of Hats
Lights out Lights out 2.29
Take over Fullbright
A singular ascension A singular ascension 2.34
Take over The Transhumanic League
And so my garden grows And so my garden grows 2.46
Take over all the megacorps
You can flyer! You can flyer! 1.95
Unlock all flyer advertising technologies
For posterity For posterity 1.60
Unlock all poster advertising technologies
To the skies To the skies 2.02
Unlock all blimp advertising technologies
No behaviour left untargeted No behaviour left untargeted 1.88
Unlock all text advertising technologies
A kitten for every brand A kitten for every brand 1.95
Unlock all image advertising technologies
All your flesh All your flesh 2.55
Unlock all meatspace advertising technologies
All your mind All your mind 2.37
Unlock all cyberspace advertising technologies
Nice one. Cheers! Nice one. Cheers! 2.58
Unlock all advertising technologies
Detroit Detroit 1.77
Fire all employees from a building, leaving it empty
Wall to wall Wall to wall 1.46
Hire as many employees as will fit in a building, bringing it to its maximum capacity
Job Creator Job Creator 1.55
Hire 100 employees
Welfare Welfare 1.76
Fire 100 employees
Virtual insanity Virtual insanity 2.58
Run the game with a virtual reality headset
A towering presence A towering presence 1.96
Unlock all billboard advertising technologies
1 Killajob 1 Killajob 2.12
Hire 1,000 employees
Flambé Flambé 2.14
Fire 1,000 employees
Over 9000 Over 9000 2.25
Hire 10,000 employees
Homelessness Homelessness 2.26
Fire 10,000 employees
Steve Steve 2.37
Hire 100,000 employees
Mass unemployment Mass unemployment 2.40
Fire 100,000 employees
Millionaire Millionaire 2.23
Make over 1,000,000XDG
Billionaire Billionaire 2.54
Make over 1,000,000,000XDG
Trillionaire Trillionaire 2.50
Make over 1,000,000,000,000XDG
Bailout Bailout 1.58
Start a new game while you already have one in progress
Highrise Highrise 2.37
Move your headquarters to a building over 800m high
Cottage industry Cottage industry 2.54
Move your headquarters to a remote rural cottage
Lone Wolf Lone Wolf 2.58
Complete the game with zero employees
Diplomat's pin Diplomat's pin 2.58
Complete the game without ever offending any megacorp
Architecture student Architecture student 2.00
Read 10 building descriptions
Cyberstalker Cyberstalker 2.14
Read 10 cybersite descriptions
Named after me Named after me 2.58
Open the description of a building on a street whose name matches your Steam account
Hated Hated 2.33
Have a negative reputation with all megacorps at once
Worse than Cyberhitler Worse than Cyberhitler 2.54
Have a reputation below -10 with all megacorps at once
Loved Loved 2.32
Have a reputation over +10 with all megacorps at once
Financial Suicide Financial Suicide 1.90
Attempt to fire yourself

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