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No achievements available

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Overkiller Overkiller 0.41
Get 100 Overkills
Killer Killer 0.28
Kill all enemies in a level
Scholar Scholar 0.30
Read all inscriptions in a level.
Abysmal Abysmal 0.67
Die in the Gateway
Hippie Hippie 1.23
Get through a level without killing anything
Filthy Cheater Filthy Cheater 0.93
Use a cheat code
DON'T GO! DON'T GO! 0.25
Quit the game
Genocider Genocider 0.86
Kill all enemies in an episode
Heh, Brutal Heh, Brutal 0.86
Kill 10 enemies in under 10 seconds with the Axe
Armageddon Armageddon 0.48
Blow up the earth
Amid Difficulty Amid Difficulty 0.81
Find Evil Difficulty
If you can... If you can... 1.18
Find the hidden developer room
Explorer Explorer 0.63
Find all the secrets in a level
Wheeeeee! Wheeeeee! 0.86
Use the Axe underwater, in soul mode.
Speed Runner Speed Runner 0.65
Beat a level's par time
Close Shave Close Shave 0.97
Finish a level with less than 10 health
All-out All-out 0.98
Finish a level with no mana
Soul Sacrifice Soul Sacrifice 0.54
Finish a level with soul mode on
Destroyer Destroyer 0.71
Destroy all decorations in a level
Soul Limbo Soul Limbo 0.53
Extend soul mode for 30 seconds
The almighty power The almighty power 0.72
Use each weapons soul mode attack once
Seeya Seeya 0.75
Banish 10 enemies into a black hole
Hardcore Hardcore 1.06
Get all awards in a level
Super Nova Super Nova 0.73
Destroy 5 enemies with a single sun
The chosen one The chosen one 0.82
Rest easy.
A Real Klutz A Real Klutz 1.03
Experience each type of death
Don't pickup anything in a level
Ready for anything Ready for anything 1.07
Finish a level with full mana
He swims, he hungers He swims, he hungers 1.11
Find the idol of the ancient god
Find an obscure reference
Saviour of the Moon Saviour of the Moon 0.41
Beat Astral Equinox
Saviour of the Sentinels Saviour of the Sentinels 0.51
Beat Domain of the Sentinels
Saviour of the Sun Saviour of the Sun 0.73
Beat Solar Solstice
Saviour of the Pilgrim Saviour of the Pilgrim 0.68
Beat the Sacred Path
Saviour of the Machine Saviour of the Machine 0.74
Beat the Forges
Saviour of the Mages Saviour of the Mages 0.75
Beat the Arcane Expanse
Saviour of the Universe Saviour of the Universe 0.86
Beat the Abyss

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