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Game Achievement Points Unlocked
A cut above A cut above 0.54 04/20/2021 22:53:08
Defeat at least 5 enemies in a row with the Scarecrow's Sickles.
Watering Time! Watering Time! 0.45 04/02/2021 00:52:19
You beat the Scarecrow!
Blades N' Roses Blades N' Roses 0.39 01/29/2021 01:27:12
Reach the Mausoleum for the first time.
First aid First aid 0.39 01/29/2021 01:17:19
Let an Apostate revive at least 3 souls.
Beware the step! Beware the step! 0.38 01/29/2021 01:14:18
Reach the Undying Shores for the first time.
The cowl does not make the monk The cowl does not make the monk 0.39 01/29/2021 01:13:05
Wear the Cultist outfit to access the Undying Shores.
Trapped Trapper Trapped Trapper 0.14 01/29/2021 01:07:59
Trap an enemy using the Fractured Shrines environment!
Sky Fall Sky Fall 0.01 01/27/2021 01:30:17
Reach the Fractured Shrines for the first time.

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
In mushroom, we trust. In mushroom, we trust. 0.61
Defeat the Scarecrow without bouncing on any mushrooms.
Green thumbs Green thumbs 1.00
You beat the Scarecrow without taking a single hit!
Me, jealous? Me, jealous? 1.12
Try using Serenade and another pet at the same time...
Pool Party Pool Party 0.99
Electrify an enemy with the Lightning Rods while they are in water.

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