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Game Achievement Points Unlocked
No achievements available

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Abel Abel 0.34
Complete the final chapter with Cain
Blood Lust Blood Lust 0.32
Kill moms heart with Samson
The D20 The D20 0.30
Complete the final chapter with Isaac
The Cross The Cross 0.41
Complete the final chapter with Maggy
The Curved Horn The Curved Horn 0.40
Complete the final chapter with Judas
The Sacrificial Knife The Sacrificial Knife 0.45
Complete the final chapter with Eve
The Rainbow Baby The Rainbow Baby 0.42
Complete the final chapter with ???
The Bloody Penny The Bloody Penny 0.46
Complete the final chapter with Samson
Blood Rights Blood Rights 0.47
Kill Satan with Samson
Platinum God! Platinum God! 0.69
100% the game
Samson Samson 0.07
Kill mom but pass on 2 treasure room items
The Burnt Penny The Burnt Penny 0.31
Complete Challenge 3
The Candle The Candle 0.26
Complete Challenge 1
The Lucky Toe The Lucky Toe 0.31
Complete Challenge 2
Guppys Tail Guppys Tail 0.34
Complete Challenge 4
Mega Fetus Mega Fetus 0.23
Complete Challenge 6
The Fish Head The Fish Head 0.36
Complete Challenge 5
Super SMB Fan Super SMB Fan 0.29
Complete Challenge 7
The Spider Butt The Spider Butt 0.32
Complete Challenge 8
The Counterfeit Coin The Counterfeit Coin 0.41
Complete Challenge 9
Guppys Hairball Guppys Hairball 0.30
Daddys love Daddys love 0.50
Dads Key Dads Key 0.39
The Polaroid The Polaroid 0.39
Eternal Mom Eternal Mom 0.90
Beat Mom in Hardmode
Eternal Heart Eternal Heart 0.95
Beat Moms Heart in Hardmode
Eternal Satan Eternal Satan 1.07
Beat Satan in Hardmode
Eternal Cathedral Eternal Cathedral 1.04
Beat the boss in the Cathedral in Hardmode
Hard Game Hard Game 1.09
Beat the Game in Hardmode!
Eternal Life Eternal Life 1.01
Gain 7 Health upgrades from Eternal Hearts
Eternal Isaac Eternal Isaac 1.11
Beat the game as Isaac in Hardmode
Eternal Cain Eternal Cain 1.13
Beat the game as Cain in Hardmode
Eternal Maggy Eternal Maggy 1.15
Beat the game as Magdalen in Hardmode
Eternal Judas Eternal Judas 1.15
Beat the game as Judas in Hardmode
Eternal Samson Eternal Samson 1.16
Beat the game as Samson in Hardmode
Eternal Eve Eternal Eve 1.16
Beat the game as Eve in Hardmode
Eternal ??? Eternal ??? 1.17
Beat the game as ??? in Hardmode, and good luck!
Eternal Personalities Eternal Personalities 1.18
Beat the game as all characters in Hardmode.
Eternal God Eternal God 1.21
100% the game and hardmode (get all the achievements)

Achievement Stats 1.21
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650.23 KiB memory usage
20 crawler available

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