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2.4 hours playing time on record

Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Well on our way... Well on our way... 2.42 04/18/2017 20:32:51
Complete day 5.
Top of the class Top of the class 2.37 04/17/2017 22:03:57
Get an A in a mission.
We can do this! We can do this! 2.06 04/17/2017 20:58:13
Complete your first mission.
License to the Void License to the Void 1.82 04/17/2017 20:39:25
Complete the tutorial.

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Almost there... Almost there... 2.47
Complete day 10.
Hurray, great success! Hurray, great success! 2.53
Complete day 15.
We're going home, boys! We're going home, boys! 2.57
Wait.. where are we?
Nevermore! Nevermore! 2.57
And my soul from out that shadow that lies floating on the floor..
Outnumbered Outnumbered 2.47
Complete a mission with just 1 marine in the squad.
Outnumbered ...and unprepared Outnumbered ...and unprepared 2.57
Complete a mission with just 1 unarmed marine in the squad.
Lava is my friend! Lava is my friend! 2.53
Complete mission B74-1 without getting any marines killed.
Team Rocket Team Rocket 2.57
Complete a mission with 3 marines equipped with rocket launchers.
Take that, Ensutee! Take that, Ensutee! 2.57
Complete mission A93-1 in less than 52 seconds.
Take that, Kunstnerbums! Take that, Kunstnerbums! 2.57
Complete mission C10-1 in more than 27 minutes and 46 seconds.
OMG, freaking tentacles! OMG, freaking tentacles! 2.57
Kill a boss vortex alien.
Take that you jelly beast! Take that you jelly beast! 2.57
Kill a boss worker alien.
Baby Clubbing Baby Clubbing 2.47
Kill more than 20 aliens in B07-1.
The long hard road kill The long hard road kill 2.57
Kill more than 20 aliens in C89-2.
My hero! My hero! 2.42
Unlock a sergeant as loot.
Cannibal Holocaust Cannibal Holocaust 2.47
Eat a crew member to stay alive.
Worst Captain Ever Worst Captain Ever 2.57
Unlock and lose all possible marines.. Really, you lost all 38?!
He has never felt better! He has never felt better! 2.57
Equip Nye with an Opium Cigarette.
The English way The English way 2.53
Equip a marine with tea and biscuits.
Nuke from Orbit! Nuke from Orbit! 2.50
Equip a marine with a call in torpedo.
Gung-Ho Gung-Ho 2.53
Equip a marine with an opium cigarette and absinthe. "Is it a machine gun.. or a shotgun?"
Казки з України Казки з України 2.30
Change the language setting to Ukraine.
Screw that run! Screw that run! 2.42
You can do much better than that anyway.
This is not good game-design This is not good game-design 2.39
Lose the tutorial by having all your marines killed.
No regrets! No regrets! 2.57
Because there is nothing better than hitting the bunk on a full stomach.

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