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Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Big Fat Party Animal Big Fat Party Animal 1.32 05/31/2017 06:15:17
Killed 50 enemies using the Hartmann 7.62mm and wearing the Party Animal outfit
Skip Trace Skip Trace 1.04 05/31/2017 05:53:26
Completed all Bounty Hunting assignments
Did I Forget Something? Did I Forget Something? 0.98 05/31/2017 05:27:07
Placed an unconscious person in the trunk of a car
Operation: Deep Sleep Operation: Deep Sleep 1.29 05/31/2017 05:24:19
Knocked out 30 people with the Dart Gun
There Are No Dominos There Are No Dominos 0.98 05/31/2017 05:14:42
You secured the nuke
Aid and Comfort Aid and Comfort 0.97 05/31/2017 05:09:40
You helped Donovan end Connor Aldridge
Spotter Spotter 1.34 05/31/2017 05:03:44
Killed 30 Enemies Using Sniper Support
Big Money Big Money 0.97 05/31/2017 04:36:41
You got a hot tip on a loose nuke
Devotchka Devotchka 0.97 05/31/2017 04:14:22
You survived the trip to Boicherot's
Creature of Habit Creature of Habit 0.94 05/30/2017 20:16:46
You investigated the scene

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