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Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Schooled Schooled 0.33 05/03/2015 04:38:01
Gain yourself 100 experience.
Behind the Wheel Behind the Wheel 0.32 05/03/2015 03:48:21
Find yourself a vehicle.
Welcome to PEI Welcome to PEI 0.32 05/01/2015 21:34:03
Find your way to Prince Edward Island.

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Experienced Experienced 0.58
Gain yourself 1000 experience.
Hoarder Hoarder 0.65
Find yourself 1000 items.
A Bridge Too Far A Bridge Too Far 1.04
Fail to contain the virus.
Mastermind Mastermind 0.86
Fully learn all your skills.
Offense Offense 0.78
Fully learn your offense skill tree.
Defense Defense 0.83
Fully learn your defense skill tree.
Support Support 0.84
Fully learn your support skill tree.
Outdoors Outdoors 0.95
Harvest yourself 100 resources.
Psychopath Psychopath 1.12
Kill 100 players.
Murderer Murderer 0.78
Kill 10 players.
Survivor Survivor 0.51
Kill 100 normal zombies.
Unturned Unturned 0.87
Kill 1000 normal zombies.
Hardened Hardened 0.76
Kill a mega zombie.
Forged Forged 1.12
Kill 10 mega zombies.
Scavenger Scavenger 0.38
Find yourself 100 items.
Camper Camper 0.64
Harvest yourself 10 resources.
Berries Berries 0.43
Accident Prone Accident Prone 0.41
Die 10 times.
Welcome to the Yukon Welcome to the Yukon 0.63
Find your way to the Yukon.
Welcome to Washington Welcome to Washington 0.37
Find your way to Washington.
Graduation Graduation 0.57
Complete your education.
Fishing Fishing 1.29
Catch yourself 10 fish.
Crafting Crafting 0.70
Craft yourself 100 items.
Farming Farming 1.18
Grow yourself 100 plants.
Headshot Headshot 0.51
Hit 100 headshots.
Sharpshooter Sharpshooter 0.82
Hit 1000 headshots.
Hiking Hiking 0.69
Travel 50,000 m on foot.
Roadtrip Roadtrip 1.05
Travel 100,000 m by vehicle.
Champion Champion 1.23
Win 3 arena matches.
Fortified Fortified 1.01
Build yourself 250 objects.
Welcome to Russia Welcome to Russia 0.51
Find your way to Russia.
Soulcrystal Soulcrystal 1.45
Paragon Paragon 1.43
Attain a respected reputation.
Villain Villain 1.13
Attain an intimidating reputation.
Mk. II Mk. II 1.55
Helping Hand Helping Hand 1.18
Finish a quest.
Ensign Ensign 1.43
Rise to Ensign rank in the Coalition.
Lieutenant Lieutenant 1.49
Rise to Lieutenant rank in the Coalition.
Major Major 1.55
Rise to Major rank in the Coalition.
Welcome to Hawaii Welcome to Hawaii 0.89
Find your way to Hawaii.
Extinguished Extinguished 1.61
Kill a magma zombie.
Welcome to Germany Welcome to Germany 0.65
Find your way to Germany.
Secrets of Neuschwanstein Secrets of Neuschwanstein 1.58
Welcome to Kuwait Welcome to Kuwait 1.63
Find your way to Kuwait.
Squeek Squeek 2.05
Fish out a formidable foe in Kuwait.
Feline Friends Feline Friends 2.04
Feed the cats of Kuwait some fish.
Dinosaur Juice Dinosaur Juice 2.04
Maybe not the best drink in Kuwait.
Home Decor Home Decor 2.04
Craft some cute decor in Kuwait.
Always Watching Always Watching 2.07
EYE; Sea; You.
Familiar Faces Familiar Faces 2.08
Contact the Coalition on Kuwait... Eye; SEA; You.
Welcome to Ireland Welcome to Ireland 2.00
Find your way to Ireland.
Honorary Benson Honorary Benson 2.17
Welcome to Elver Welcome to Elver 1.84
Find your way to Elver.
Santa's Little Helper Santa's Little Helper 2.16
Deliver all of Santa's undelivered gifts during the winter holiday festivities.
Architect Architect 2.15
Build a big ol' snowman during the winter holiday festivities.
Cookie Cook Cookie Cook 2.15
Try out Sous-Chef Roman's festive recipe during the winter holiday festivities.
A Star in the Sky A Star in the Sky 2.14
Power up the Seattle skyline during the winter holiday festivities.
Welcome to Arid Welcome to Arid 1.59
Find your way to Arid.
Arid Finale Arid Finale 2.19
Finish all main quests on Arid.
Lock, Stock And Barrel Lock, Stock And Barrel 2.17
Assemble a rocket launcher.
Escaping Outlands Escaping Outlands 2.29
Experience some excellent healthcare. Eye; Sea; YOU.
A Duneman's Promise A Duneman's Promise 2.27
Spend too much on a shiny new gun.
Welcome to A6 Polaris Welcome to A6 Polaris 1.92
Find your way to A6 Polaris.
Expedition Completionist Expedition Completionist 2.35
Welcome to Buak Welcome to Buak 2.36
Find your way to Buak.
A Day in the Sun A Day in the Sun 2.68
Find someone having a good time on Buak.
False Promises False Promises 2.68
Learn about the past on Buak.
Do You Like Waffles? Do You Like Waffles? 2.68
Experiment with waffles on Buak.
Anomaly-7 Anomaly-7 2.69
Welcome to Escalation Welcome to Escalation 3.72
Find your way to Escalation.
Bombs Away Bombs Away 4.15
Call in a strike package using an LTLM on Escalation.
Forceful Acquisition Forceful Acquisition 4.12
Bring down an airdrop with a missile on Escalation.
Dead Silent Dead Silent 4.12
Craft every suppressed gun on Escalation.
Poor Investment Poor Investment 4.12
Invest too much money into Gurt on Escalation.

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