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Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Like a Boss Like a Boss 1.43 12/22/2020 17:26:44
Got a kill with the skid loader
Gunslinger Gunslinger 1.42 12/22/2020 17:26:44
Got 10 kills with each of the ten Back to Karkand weapons
Transport Pilot Transport Pilot 1.40 12/22/2020 17:26:44
Transported a flag carrier in an air vehicle in CTF
Destroyer Destroyer 1.40 12/22/2020 17:26:44
Got 10 kills each with Tank destroyers and Mobile Artilleries
Home made javelin Home made javelin 1.39 12/22/2020 17:26:44
Destroyed an enemy vehicle using the xbow
Pocket full of death Pocket full of death 1.39 12/22/2020 17:26:44
Without dying, got a kill with xbow, primary weapon, and hand grenade
Offroad Offroad 1.38 12/22/2020 17:26:44
Got one kill with the Quad bike
Show of Force Show of Force 1.37 12/22/2020 17:26:44
Got 10 kills with all ten CQ weapons
Third Tour Third Tour 1.36 12/22/2020 17:26:44
Got a kill with each of the following vehicles: the BTR-90, DPV and F-35.
Its no sidecar Its no sidecar 1.34 12/22/2020 17:26:44
Got a kill from the passenger position on a motorcycle
Superiority Superiority 1.32 12/22/2020 17:26:44
Won one round of Tank Superiority
Heavy Lifter Heavy Lifter 1.31 12/22/2020 17:26:44
Killed an enemy after successfully paradropping a vehicle
AAs revenge AAs revenge 1.30 12/22/2020 17:26:44
Destroyed an air vehicle using the AA jeeps
Bite your finger Bite your finger 1.30 12/22/2020 17:26:44
Found the secret reptile
Capture The Flag Capture The Flag 1.25 12/22/2020 17:26:44
Captured one flag while playing CTF
Dropship Dropship 1.24 12/22/2020 17:26:44
Destroyed the Gunship
Grinding the Crack Grinding the Crack 1.22 12/22/2020 17:26:44
Fell over the edge on Ziba Tower
Death from above Death from above 1.21 12/22/2020 17:26:44
Got one kill with the Gunship
Jaws Jaws 1.19 12/22/2020 17:26:44
Took a swim in the Oman Hotel swimming pool
Deadly tools Deadly tools 1.15 12/22/2020 17:26:44
Without dying, got a kill with a Carbine, Pistol and Rocket Launcher
Dominator Dominator 1.11 12/22/2020 17:26:44
Won a round in Conquest Domination
Man of Calibre Man of Calibre 1.06 12/22/2020 17:26:44
Completed a round of Gun Master
1st Loser 1st Loser 0.95 12/22/2020 17:26:44
2nd MVP in a ranked match
It's better than nothing! It's better than nothing! 0.93 12/22/2020 17:26:44
3rd MVP in a ranked match
M.I.A M.I.A 0.79 12/22/2020 17:26:44
Took your first enemy Dog Tag

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Most Valuable Player Most Valuable Player 0.99
MVP in a ranked match
Decorated Decorated 1.42
Received one of each ribbon in the game
Vehicle Warfare Vehicle Warfare 1.23
Received all 3 vehicle warfare ribbons
Complete Warrior Complete Warrior 1.46
Got a kill with the following weapons in a single life: Assault Rifle, Jet, Tank
Support Efficiency Support Efficiency 1.09
Received all 4 support efficiency ribbons
Handyman Handyman 1.37
Unlocked all xbow parts
Extreme Hoarder Extreme Hoarder 1.25
Picked up 50 weapons in Scavenger mode
Colonel Colonel 1.14
Rank 45 achieved!
Infantry Efficiency Infantry Efficiency 1.00
Received all 4 weapon efficiency ribbons

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