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Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Follow the Money Follow the Money 1.84 01/31/2024 14:54:53
Earn $1,000,000 of dirty money selling dried cannabis in Survival mode.
Iron Lady Iron Lady 2.02 01/31/2024 00:04:44
Play Sandbox mode on Hard with a female Capo and take over every region without changing Capos.
Don't Let Mom Know You're A Druglord Don't Let Mom Know You're A Druglord 1.65 01/10/2024 00:12:27
Play 10 hours total between the hours of midnight and 6 AM
Safe Pair of Hands Safe Pair of Hands 1.99 01/09/2024 15:30:08
Complete 50 successful deals with your Lieutenants.
Spread Spread 1.85 01/05/2024 22:00:56
Sell every drug via all checkpoints.
Didn't Miss A Single One Didn't Miss A Single One 0.89 01/02/2024 11:12:10
Accept every expiring event from your Lieutenants over 6 months of in-game time.
Spreading Fear Spreading Fear 1.66 12/22/2023 11:38:53
Give your Lieutenants 10 assassination orders.
Camellos Camellos 0.90 10/30/2022 22:19:14
Send Lieutenants through a smuggling point with goods 100 times.
Architect of Fortunes Architect of Fortunes 1.05 10/19/2022 22:16:40
Launch the game with custom settings in Sandbox mode.
Bite the Blow Bite the Blow 1.36 10/19/2022 21:33:47
Take resources from a village by force.
I'm Going To Call You Kitty I'm Going To Call You Kitty 1.30 10/16/2022 12:55:36
Change a Lieutenant's nickname
Bad Trip Bad Trip 0.71 08/04/2022 12:16:54
Quit the game using ALT+F4
That was fucking base That was fucking base 0.63 08/01/2022 17:22:01
Complete the tutorial.
Hokey-Pokey Hokey-Pokey 0.57 08/01/2022 17:20:49
Pack and sell some illegal goods.
Take-Off Take-Off 0.49 08/01/2022 16:56:36
Upgrade a building to the next tier.
Our Man Our Man 0.47 08/01/2022 16:54:41
Hire your first lieutenant

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Operation Odessa Operation Odessa 2.08
Use a submarine to transport 5,000 units of cocaine.
Pampered Life Pampered Life 1.96
Unlock every type of residence
Sense Of Style Sense Of Style 2.08
Have 7 Lieutenants in your cartel who are wearing cool shirts

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