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Friends ranking of Strite

Rank Player Best achievements Points Last update
1 Gilder the Squidslinger Gilder the Squidslinger Dust to DustThe World of Yesterday, TomorrowMineral RightsSnowedRust and DustSky's the LimitThe Long ViewLines in the SandA Cunning PlanPermafrostThe World of Yesterday, TomorrowDust to DustMineral RightsSnowedRust and Dust 3029.69 06/01/2019 21:07:40
2 TheMightyJelly TheMightyJelly Arcade ChampionQuality AssuranceUnleashedDambusterBarking DogJapanese Empire mission 5 - hardCommonwealth mission 5 - hardCommonwealth mission 1 - heroicJapanese Empire mission 1 - heroicSoviet Union mission 2 - heroicSoviet Union mission 5 - hardUSA mission 5 - hardGermany mission 4 - hardDeath From AboveWhat Trickery Is This? 1988.07 06/16/2019 04:59:03
3 Brick Hardcastle Brick Hardcastle A Cunning PlanPermafrostPress X To WinUnscathedThe Clear Blue SkySting Like a RayAll Together NowA Score To SettleCloud NinjaYou Can't Take the SkyGrapplingThe Skunk and the HareDross and DreckWords to Live ByMaster of the Skies 1468.49 01/30/2021 00:44:25
4 Zinc Zinc Northern LightsNeutralizationMazedNorthern LightsNeutralizationMazedProcess of EliminationLocking HornsPreservationSilent RunningField of ViewSustained FireIncursionBlaze of GloryAltitude Adjustment 1152.39 05/27/2019 07:13:05
5 cNeq cNeq That's Close EnoughDouble DragonsYou Can Stop NowIn Justice We Trust!District 12VR Creep!LegendX-Drive(n)Drum KitNaval CoordinationOur War's EndLegendary SoldierMilitary ExemplarDevotionThe Final Choice 951.32 02/17/2021 08:48:32
6 +TheTomatoKing +TheTomatoKing JumpedVigilanceLying LowUndyingLeveling the FieldSavior of the SkiesMiracle WorkerThe Cosmic EquilibriumArms Race0 Days Without an AccidentAuspiciousFirst ResponseSouped UpBattening DownDepth of Field 828.46 03/05/2021 13:58:17
7 Daeron_Gaming Daeron_Gaming Take No PrisonersThat's Close EnoughThe Emperor's JusticeUnhatched BronzePrecursor LegacyScore 3000 Kills in Survival ModeGrandmasterScore 2500 Kills in Survival Mode4,000,000 Mastery Points100 Perfect Rounds90 Perfect RoundsScore 2000 Kills in Survival Mode3,000,000 Mastery Points80 Perfect RoundsJoja Co. Member Of The Year 730.02 02/01/2021 02:10:21
8 andros2 andros2 Leveling the Field0 Days Without an AccidentFirst ResponseDeathlessPerfect VictoryBattening DownDepth of FieldBogeymanPerspiringChilling EffectsI Sunk Your BattleshipPriority OneShowing the RopesFancy FlyingControlled Burn 729.57 09/21/2020 14:31:33
9 (WTH)Nefarit (WTH)Nefarit StonewallAll For One, One For AllField SurgeonHonorary MasonCommandoWardrobeByzantine waysDance of bladesCombat Vet(erinarian)Ravaged Chainsaw MassacreBurning ManWrecking BallBell TowerDinner For Me and YouThe Departed 609.43 09/16/2020 11:25:02
10 pieface pieface Private profile 318.41 11/27/2021 15:03:13
11 Strite Strite Private profile 306.11 04/24/2021 02:07:30
12 Revd_Flange Revd_Flange Hero of the Soviet UnionUnhatched BronzeHackerCriminal MastermindVirtue CorruptionVaal GemlingDream within a DreamDiminishing ReturnsTraitorFull Clear: Apex of SacrificeRaise the BarSpecialistDouble DeadHeadache reliefResurrect this! 280.49 06/20/2021 08:42:50
13 Midgar Midgar Underdog 1Gone FishingA Higher Power?The Rule of TwoVeteran IIRaider IILordChampion IBuilder IIGatherer IIIVeteran IHold my beer!Conqueror IIBounty Hunter IOne Small Step 267.78 03/21/2018 16:31:03
14 Kani Kani TRUCK STOPLEGENDARY SURVIVORHEROIC SURVIVORJUMPIN' JACK SMASHSTRENGTH IN NUMBERSLanding Bay Speed RunCargo Elevator Speed RunExplore North AmericaExplore RussiaVictoryNice tryTo the Victor…Time CruncherCommitted RelationshipCrux Destroyer 255.24 07/26/2015 18:36:56
15 Renzo Renzo Rings for the sky 10Rings for the sky 9Rings for the sky 8Rings for the sky 7Rings for the sky 6Rings for the sky 5No might can stop this oil can!Swimming in coins 3Slimer's evil twin 3Rings for the sky 4Rings for the sky 3Bonus Content For All, And For All A Good NightJust Like My ExSo Good I Ripped My PantsGreen With EnV 172.12 11/04/2018 11:02:38
16 Sans Sans BARREL ROLLEDGlobetrotterGlorious Mother FactionEntrapmentLet's Do Th...Vanguard Veterans HelmetReach level 10Bastard weapon UnlockedExplosive Personality!Complet-alityFearless FunTwinsINVASIONAll the PiecesStay Back 56.14 07/08/2021 06:17:52
17 Mr.Rower Mr.Rower ShrapnelproofDead Man StalkingBlind FuryMercy RuleMagic BulletPrimerWar BondsBody BaggerNewb World OrderShot With Their Pants DownPoints in Your FavorPlay AroundPlay SingleplayerPlay Multiplayer 3.33 08/20/2020 18:21:51
18 Dalrius Dalrius Private profile 0.00
19 SirDaftwager SirDaftwager Private profile 0.00
20 Mitch T Mitch T 0.00
21 Juan Snow Juan Snow Private profile 0.00
22 SharkPuncher SharkPuncher 0.00

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