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5.1 hours playing time on record

Game Achievement Points Unlocked
on va perdu on va perdu 2.57 02/23/2016 16:35:56
Play risky, though remember there is no honour among cops. Unlocks a costume!
tr4sh1n' tr4sh1n' 2.69 02/21/2016 23:58:10
"You can't spell mosh without moi", our friend always says. So line up some people, throw a good pit, and he may join you! Unlocks a costume!
here b drgnz here b drgnz 2.32 02/19/2016 15:18:48
Unlock the Maximum Security Mall (third difficulty).
got 25c? got 25c? 2.39 02/19/2016 09:28:49
Unlock the Arcade Hall.
#TheHeroThisMallDeserves #TheHeroThisMallDeserves 2.39 02/19/2016 09:09:48
Find the El Spresso costume in the bean belt.
#FlippinPhlones #FlippinPhlones 2.87 02/19/2016 08:38:29
Being known by millions sure puts a target on your back. Watch out for falling mall signs when you're being thanked! Unlocks a costume!
2 EZ 4 u? 2 EZ 4 u? 1.81 02/19/2016 08:10:32
Unlock the League of Extraordinary Cops (second difficulty).
back in action back in action 1.67 02/19/2016 07:56:24
Traverse the track as fast as possible. Unlocks a costume!
#BreakMyBolts #BreakMyBolts 2.87 02/19/2016 07:43:27
Find the Toy Soldier costume on the top shelf.
play w/ me play w/ me 1.89 02/19/2016 07:32:59
Unlock the Toy Store.
k <3 k <3 1.56 02/19/2016 07:22:56
Find the King of Hearts costume on the Normal Floor.
c ya @strbx? c ya @strbx? 1.49 02/19/2016 06:44:30
Unlock the Coffee Bar.

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Unlock the DISCO (hardestest difficulty).
spook3d spook3d 3.17
Find the Spook costume in the darkness.
flyin foxes!? flyin foxes!? 2.39
Flipping is not the only way to beat a cop. Unlocks a costume!
r u rly him? r u rly him? 2.87
Be among the best. Unlocks a costume!
¿dónde está mi teléfono? ¿dónde está mi teléfono? 3.17
A prayer should go out to all the flowers ruined in this game. This guy is up for it. Unlocks a costume!
bttry = dead bttry = dead 3.17
Charge your morning with some phone-flipping to unlock this costume!

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