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4.7 hours playing time on record

Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Smartest Person In The Room Smartest Person In The Room 2.81 03/06/2016 23:28:44
Persuasion Is Easy Persuasion Is Easy 2.81 03/06/2016 23:28:40
Healthiest Of All Healthiest Of All 2.81 03/06/2016 23:28:36
Strongest Among Us Strongest Among Us 2.81 03/06/2016 23:28:32
Fastest Man Alive Fastest Man Alive 2.81 03/06/2016 23:28:29

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Master Of Blades Master Of Blades 2.64
Master Of Maces Master Of Maces 2.94
Master Of Axes Master Of Axes 3.11
Master Of Polearms Master Of Polearms 3.11
Killer Killer 3.11
Survivor Survivor 2.81
Destroyer Destroyer 2.64
Tormentors Again Tormentors Again 3.11
Bites From The Darkness Bites From The Darkness 3.11
Poisonous Death Poisonous Death 3.11
Claws From Below Claws From Below 3.11
Claws Of Darkness Claws Of Darkness 3.11
Surviving The Venom Surviving The Venom 3.11
Dvorlika From The Legends Dvorlika From The Legends 3.11
Domach Hunt Domach Hunt 3.11
Evil Domach Purge Evil Domach Purge 3.11
From The Below From The Below 3.11
Sons Of Earth Sons Of Earth 3.11
Pillars Of Stone Pillars Of Stone 3.11
Zrak Attack Zrak Attack 3.11
Dark Things From The Swamp Dark Things From The Swamp 3.11
Red Death Red Death 3.11
Small, Dangerous And Annoying Small, Dangerous And Annoying 3.11
Green Plague Green Plague 3.11
Fiends From Hell Fiends From Hell 3.11
Hounds Of Hell Hounds Of Hell 3.11
Fire In The Night Fire In The Night 3.11
Another Swamp Fiend Another Swamp Fiend 3.11
Frost Death Frost Death 3.11
Claws Of Darkness Claws Of Darkness 3.11
Dark Hunter Dark Hunter 3.11
Beast From The Deep Beast From The Deep 3.11
When Spirits Walk When Spirits Walk 3.11
Ethereal Nightmares Ethereal Nightmares 3.11
Invisible Danger Everywhere Invisible Danger Everywhere 3.11
Nightly Nightmares Nightly Nightmares 3.11
Lost Souls Of Jelranion Lost Souls Of Jelranion 3.11
Dead Arrows Dead Arrows 3.11
Stalkers From The Mist Stalkers From The Mist 3.11
Fallen Warriors Fallen Warriors 3.11
Mage's Nightmares Mage's Nightmares 3.11
Night Of The Dead Night Of The Dead 3.11
Skeletal Stalkers Skeletal Stalkers 3.11
Cursed Nightmares Cursed Nightmares 3.11
Lords Of The Dead Lords Of The Dead 3.11
Ancient Mages Ancient Mages 3.11
Wild Beasts Attacking Wild Beasts Attacking 3.11
Mountains Of Sorrow Mountains Of Sorrow 3.11
Watery Grave For You Watery Grave For You 3.11
One And Only One And Only 3.11
Thundering Storm Thundering Storm 3.11
Danger From The Swamp Danger From The Swamp 3.11
Silent Death Silent Death 3.11
Ancient Corruption Ancient Corruption 3.11
Corrupting Force Corrupting Force 3.11
Walking Plague Walking Plague 3.11
Dead Are Rising Dead Are Rising 3.11
Evil Fire Evil Fire 3.11
Kolpia Hunter Kolpia Hunter 3.11
Master Archer Master Archer 3.11
Safari For Everyone Safari For Everyone 3.11
Wizard's Foes Wizard's Foes 3.11
Predators Predators 3.11
Deadliest Of Enemies Deadliest Of Enemies 3.11
Cave Dwellers Cave Dwellers 3.11
Legends Come To Life Legends Come To Life 3.11
Fast And Furious Fast And Furious 3.11
Hunt For The Living Dead Hunt For The Living Dead 3.11
Protector Of The North Protector Of The North 3.11
Protector Of The West Protector Of The West 3.11
Guardian Guardian 3.11
Oracle Oracle 3.11
Guardian Of The Past Guardian Of The Past 3.11
Seer Of Present Seer Of Present 3.11
Protector Of The Future Protector Of The Future 3.11
Explorer Of Rafalaya Explorer Of Rafalaya 3.11
Explorer Of Nam Yorath Explorer Of Nam Yorath 3.11
Explorer Of Grumm Valley Explorer Of Grumm Valley 3.11
Explorer Of Demort Explorer Of Demort 3.11
Explorer Of Black Marsh Explorer Of Black Marsh 3.11
Explorer Of Macabon Explorer Of Macabon 3.11
Explorer Of Djemen Explorer Of Djemen 3.11
Explorer Of Klesabia Explorer Of Klesabia 3.11
Explorer Of Ruins Of Jibya Explorer Of Ruins Of Jibya 3.11
Explorer Of Brackish Swamp Explorer Of Brackish Swamp 3.11
Explorer Of Ealonia Explorer Of Ealonia 3.11
Explorer Of Cresnesia Explorer Of Cresnesia 3.11
Explorer Of Treidande Rica Explorer Of Treidande Rica 3.11
Explorer Of Sugorath Explorer Of Sugorath 3.11
Explorer Of Ashglades Explorer Of Ashglades 3.11
Seeker Of Knowledge Seeker Of Knowledge 3.11
Dead But Kicking Dead But Kicking 3.11
Heavy Drinker Heavy Drinker 3.11
Eater Eater 3.11
Faithless Faithless 3.11
Persistent Adventurer Persistent Adventurer 3.11
Carpet Master Carpet Master 2.94
Not Enough Tables Not Enough Tables 2.94
Weapons For All Weapons For All 2.94
We Need More Storage We Need More Storage 2.94
Shelf This Shelf This 2.94
Statue Of Stone Statue Of Stone 2.94
Hunter's Trophies Hunter's Trophies 2.94
Something To Read Something To Read 2.94
And Someplace To Rest And Someplace To Rest 2.94
To Make It Prettier To Make It Prettier 2.94
Leader Of The Pack Leader Of The Pack 2.94
Armorer Armorer 3.11
Cook Cook 3.11
Herbalist Herbalist 3.11
Jewelcrafter Jewelcrafter 3.11
Leatherworker Leatherworker 3.11
Metalworker Metalworker 3.11
Weaponsmith Weaponsmith 3.11
Acolyte Of Perun Acolyte Of Perun 3.11
Acolyte Of Svarog Acolyte Of Svarog 3.11
Acolyte Of Veles Acolyte Of Veles 3.11
Merchant Merchant 3.11
Locksmith Locksmith 3.11
Rich Guy Rich Guy 2.51
Spellcrafter Spellcrafter 3.11

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