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Super Flippin' Phones

1.2 average hours needed for completion.

18 achievements worth of 44.17 points
Achievement Description Crawled Points Report as
c ya @strbx? c ya @strbx? Unlock the Coffee Bar. 02/21/2016 01:02:50 1.49
play w/ me play w/ me Unlock the Toy Store. 02/21/2016 01:02:50 1.89
got 25c? got 25c? Unlock the Arcade Hall. 02/21/2016 01:02:50 2.39
2 EZ 4 u? 2 EZ 4 u? Unlock the League of Extraordinary Cops (second difficulty). 02/21/2016 01:02:51 1.81
here b drgnz here b drgnz Unlock the Maximum Security Mall (third difficulty). 02/21/2016 01:02:51 2.32
ROOF CNT HLD US ROOF CNT HLD US Unlock the DISCO (hardestest difficulty). 02/21/2016 01:02:51 2.87
k <3 k <3 Find the King of Hearts costume on the Normal Floor. 02/21/2016 01:02:51 1.56
#TheHeroThisMallDeserves #TheHeroThisMallDeserves Find the El Spresso costume in the bean belt. 02/21/2016 01:02:52 2.39
#BreakMyBolts #BreakMyBolts Find the Toy Soldier costume on the top shelf. 02/21/2016 01:02:52 2.87
spook3d spook3d Find the Spook costume in the darkness. 02/21/2016 01:02:52 3.17
flyin foxes!? flyin foxes!? Flipping is not the only way to beat a cop. Unlocks a costume! 02/21/2016 01:02:52 2.39
r u rly him? r u rly him? Be among the best. Unlocks a costume! 02/21/2016 01:02:53 2.87
back in action back in action Traverse the track as fast as possible. Unlocks a costume! 02/21/2016 01:02:53 1.67
on va perdu on va perdu Play risky, though remember there is no honour among cops. Unlocks a costume! 02/21/2016 01:02:53 2.57
tr4sh1n' tr4sh1n' "You can't spell mosh without moi", our friend always says. So line up some people, throw a good pit, and he may join you! Unlocks a costume! 02/21/2016 01:02:53 2.69
¿dónde está mi teléfono? ¿dónde está mi teléfono? A prayer should go out to all the flowers ruined in this game. This guy is up for it. Unlocks a costume! 02/21/2016 01:02:54 3.17
#FlippinPhlones #FlippinPhlones Being known by millions sure puts a target on your back. Watch out for falling mall signs when you're being thanked! Unlocks a costume! 02/21/2016 01:02:54 2.87
bttry = dead bttry = dead Charge your morning with some phone-flipping to unlock this costume! 02/21/2016 01:02:54 3.17

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