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13.6 hours playing time on record

Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Professional Roller Professional Roller 0.42 11/29/2019 00:21:29
Finally the moon is restored! You are a true professional roller!
Polaris Observer Polaris Observer 0.47 11/28/2019 23:48:19
Follow the North Star and you will never stray from your path!
World Meister World Meister 0.39 11/28/2019 23:25:02
You now have the world in the palm of your hands! Treat it like it is your very own backyard!
Kawaii Researcher Kawaii Researcher 0.45 11/28/2019 03:49:39
Roll up the beautiful maidens in order to pursue true cuteness.
Town Meister Town Meister 0.38 10/27/2019 03:19:23
We can count on you to guide us around the town!
Moo Moo Farmer Moo Moo Farmer 0.43 09/26/2019 01:12:31
Moo!! It's hard finding the perfect cow!
Professor Pisces Professor Pisces 0.38 09/26/2019 00:54:12
Something smells…fishy?
Gemini Family Gemini Family 0.38 09/26/2019 00:54:12
Collect the twins that are always together to make a family twice the size of others!
Rolling Meister Rolling Meister 0.36 09/26/2019 00:54:12
Look at you rolling that Katamari. So cool!
The Great Bear Tamer The Great Bear Tamer 0.39 09/25/2019 03:34:30
It's a bear! All of these bears are unbearable……
To the End of the World To the End of the World 0.32 09/25/2019 03:32:30
A world bigger than the town! Can't wait to see what is in store for us!
Collector of Crowns Collector of Crowns 0.37 09/25/2019 03:20:00
Collect as many crowns as possible to become gorgeous!
Town Sweeper Town Sweeper 0.29 09/25/2019 03:09:18
Collect lots of things and make the town beautiful again!
In Pursuit of Beauty In Pursuit of Beauty 0.33 09/25/2019 02:54:27
Beautiful and elegant like a white swan in a lake!
House Meister House Meister 0.24 09/23/2019 02:34:32
You must know everything about the house now!
First Time Outside First Time Outside 0.22 09/22/2019 00:54:45
There are so many new things to discover in the new world!
Crustacean Collector Crustacean Collector 0.25 09/22/2019 00:43:18
All of this crab collecting is making me crabby……
Rolling Sweeper Rolling Sweeper 0.17 09/22/2019 00:34:14
Clean up the house by rolling up everything in your way!
The Beginning of Rolling The Beginning of Rolling 0.14 09/22/2019 00:24:00
Let us embark on a journey to restore the stars in the sky!

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Present Hunter Present Hunter 1.20
Make sure to collect all the presents from the King!
King of Katamari Damacy King of Katamari Damacy 1.45
You are the true King of Rolling! Amazing!

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