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14.0 hours playing time on record

Game Achievement Points Unlocked
I'm like a bird! I'm like a bird! 1.24 01/25/2020 01:10:00
Melee an enemy while high above the ground!
Co-op Inferno Challenge Co-op Inferno Challenge 1.50 01/23/2020 01:22:00
Defeat the Co-op Inferno Challenge!
Hello fellow human! Hello fellow human! 1.43 01/23/2020 01:18:01
Exchange Hellos with a human.
Co-op Kick Only Challenge Co-op Kick Only Challenge 1.55 01/23/2020 01:03:18
Defeat the Co-op Kick Only Challenge!
Co-op One Weapon Challenge Co-op One Weapon Challenge 1.59 01/21/2020 00:24:50
Defeat the Co-op One Weapon Challenge!
M-m-m-m-multikill! M-m-m-m-multikill! 1.17 01/20/2020 03:35:14
Kill 3 enemies with one attack!
I think it's dead now I think it's dead now 1.15 01/20/2020 03:28:42
Hit garbage on the ground repeatedly!
Bow Only Challenge Bow Only Challenge 0.51 11/03/2019 02:47:12
Beat the Bow Only Challenge.
Endless Spear Challenge Endless Spear Challenge 0.95 11/03/2019 02:22:31
Beat the Endless Spear Challenge
Laser Challenge Laser Challenge 0.89 09/22/2019 04:48:04
Beat the Laser Challenge.
Raptor Challenge Raptor Challenge 0.61 09/22/2019 04:48:04
Beat the Raptor Challenge.

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Hammer Only Challenge Hammer Only Challenge 0.59
Beat the Hammer Only Challenge.
Inferno Challenge Inferno Challenge 0.55
Beat the Inferno Challenge.
Random Upgrade Challenge Random Upgrade Challenge 0.85
Beat the Random Upgrade Challenge.
Kick Only Challenge Kick Only Challenge 0.63
Beat the Kick Only Challenge.
Raptor Insanity Challenge Raptor Insanity Challenge 0.87
Beat the Raptor Insanity Challenge.
Endless Armor Challenge Endless Armor Challenge 0.90
Beat the Endless Armor Challenge
Endless Greatsword Challenge Endless Greatsword Challenge 0.86
Beat the Endless Greatsword Challenge
Mind Transfer Challenge Mind Transfer Challenge 1.18
Beat the Mind Transfer Challenge.
Story Insanity 1 Story Insanity 1 1.77
Beat Chaper 1 on Insane Difficulty!
Story Insanity 2 Story Insanity 2 1.77
Beat Chaper 2 on Insane Difficulty!
Story Insanity 3 Story Insanity 3 1.77
Beat Chaper 3 on Insane Difficulty!
Story Insanity 4 Story Insanity 4 1.94
Beat Chaper 4 on Insane Difficulty!
Pacifist Pacifist 1.24
Beat a level without killing anyone!
Click Bzz! Click Bzz! 1.59
Click the logo on the title screen!
Co-op Bow Only Challenge Co-op Bow Only Challenge 1.77
Defeat the Co-op Bow only Challenge!
Co-op Hammer Only Challenge Co-op Hammer Only Challenge 1.85
Defeat the Co-op Hammer Only Challenge!
Co-op Laser Challenge Co-op Laser Challenge 1.55
Defeat the Co-op Laser Challenge!
Co-op Random Upgrade Challenge Co-op Random Upgrade Challenge 1.70
Defeat the Co-op Random Upgrade Challenge!
Co-op Raptor Insanity Challenge Co-op Raptor Insanity Challenge 1.70
Defeat the Co-op Raptor Insanity Challenge!
Co-op Spear Only Challenge Co-op Spear Only Challenge 1.85
Defeat the Co-op Spear Only Challenge!
Let's try another human! Let's try another human! 1.31
Die on level 1 of Endless Mode
Easter Already? Easter Already? 1.94
Rescue the War Cubes!
This is not co-op! This is not co-op! 1.77
Kick a clone towards the Elevator.
Fool! Fool! 1.77
Jump into the Emperor's forcefield!
Team Player Team Player 1.50
Get 3 Team Revives in a public co-op game!
Get every upgrade in the upgrade tree!
How do you like it?? How do you like it?? 1.70
Kick a kick bot to death!
The garbage is MINE! The garbage is MINE! 1.40
Kill all the garbage bots.
Bow Master Bow Master 1.59
Kill 500 enemies with a Bow!
I am on FIRE! I am on FIRE! 1.77
Kill 300 enemies with Flame Breath!
Hammer Master Hammer Master 1.64
Kill 500 enemies with a Hammer!
Jetpack Master Jetpack Master 1.85
Kill 300 enemies while jetpacking!
Kick Master Kick Master 1.94
Kill 200 enemies by kicking them!
Spear Master Spear Master 1.77
Kill 500 enemies with a Spear!
Sword Master Sword Master 1.40
Kill 500 enemies with a Sword!
There can be only one! There can be only one! 1.40
Kill your clone.
Fire on my mind Fire on my mind 1.43
Mind transfer into a Flame raptor!
They don't call it Sanium. They don't call it Sanium. 1.85
Reach Insanium in Endless Mode!
Meet people, go insane! Meet people, go insane! 1.64
Reach Insanium in a public co-op match!
I am Titanium! I am Titanium! 1.47
Reach Titanium in Endless Mode!
Hello Doborog! Hello Doborog! 1.77
Say Hello to Doborog!
So close! So close! 1.50
Be the second to Last Bot Standing.
The best human! The best human! 1.55
Win a game of Last Bot Standing!
Tis but a scratch! Tis but a scratch! 1.77
Win 3 levels in a row with only one leg!

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