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4.8 hours playing time on record

Game Achievement Points Unlocked
The Voice of Reason The Voice of Reason 0.67 06/05/2017 13:06:27
Listen to Frank's advice
Cartesian Mind Cartesian Mind 0.63 06/05/2017 13:05:17
Finish the game with a majority of "Sun" and "Globe" choices
Sound in Mind Sound in Mind 0.83 05/29/2017 06:59:57
Choose not to call your therapist
Seeing Dead People Seeing Dead People 0.49 05/29/2017 06:59:55
Have a conversation with your Grandmother
B.F.F. B.F.F. 0.42 05/29/2017 06:59:50
Be friends with Solène at the end of the game
Frozen Frozen 0.49 05/29/2017 06:59:48
Have a mystical encounter in the forest
Fire Fighting Fire Fighting 0.40 05/29/2017 06:59:45
Witness the fire at the Castle
Hegemony Hegemony 0.46 05/29/2017 06:59:43
Finish the game by obliterating the Malterre family
Mending the Wound Mending the Wound 0.67 05/29/2017 06:59:40
Be romantically involved with Frank at the end of the game
Prodigal Daugher Prodigal Daugher 0.71 05/29/2017 06:59:38
Finish the game with a majority of "Sun" and "Star" choices
Easygoing Easygoing 0.61 05/29/2017 06:21:28
Spend the night with Frank
The Devil's Advocate The Devil's Advocate 0.53 05/29/2017 06:21:25
Listen to Stan's advice
Short Hair, Don't Care Short Hair, Don't Care 0.46 05/29/2017 06:21:23
Cut your hair short
Orphan Orphan 0.67 05/29/2017 06:21:20
Sophie Delatour dies
Big Happy Family Big Happy Family 0.70 05/29/2017 06:21:17
Accept Clothilde's deal while being in a relationship with Stanislas
Love At First Sight Love At First Sight 0.53 05/29/2017 06:21:15
Be romantically involved with Stanislas at the end of the game
Eulogist of Progress Eulogist of Progress 0.69 05/29/2017 06:21:11
Finish the game with a majority of "Moon" and "Globe" choices

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Heart of Darkness Heart of Darkness 0.61
Finish the game with a majority of "Moon" and "Star" choices
One Year of Solitude One Year of Solitude 0.52
Be single at the end of the game
Arranged Wedding Arranged Wedding 0.99
Accept Clothilde's deal without being in a relationship with Stanislas
Eviction Notice Eviction Notice 0.99
Help Yves Malterre break the curse
Sacrifice Sacrifice 1.17
Yves Malterre sacrifices himself to break the curse
Forgiveness Forgiveness 0.94
Let Yves Malterre get into the tower
Sleepless Sleepless 0.93
Spend the night with Stan
Up for good times Up for good times 0.99
Spend the night with Frank, then Stan
Like a Virgin Like a Virgin 0.39
Play it "hard to catch"
Social Niceties Social Niceties 0.64
Chat with everyone at the cocktail
Evil Stepmother Evil Stepmother 1.17
Let Clothilde convince you to break up with Frank

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