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3.0 hours playing time on record

Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Fried Tentacle Fried Tentacle 1.53 02/13/2017 20:51:45
Die 500 times
Pickled Calimari Pickled Calimari 1.27 02/04/2017 13:35:30
Die 100 times
Octopi Octopi 1.20 02/04/2017 13:34:06
Beat a level with Purple
Unlocktopus Unlocktopus 1.00 02/03/2017 16:27:02
Unlock a Containment Level

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Octopodes Octopodes 1.47
Beat a level with Blue
Octopus (pl.) Octopus (pl.) 1.59
Beat a level with Green
Octopuses Octopuses 1.64
Beat a level with Red
Boltopus Boltopus 1.62
Collect all the timed orbs
Clocktopus Clocktopus 1.63
Beat the game in under 60 minutes!
Sherlocktopus Sherlocktopus 1.55
Find a hidden level
The Fall of Gravity The Fall of Gravity 1.64
Unlock the final zone
The End The End 1.64
Beat The Fall of Gravity
We Lied We Lied 1.67
Beat the Octosphere
You Rocktopus! You Rocktopus! 1.68
101% the game
An Octopus with a Porpoise An Octopus with a Porpoise 1.52
Rescue 50 sea critters
Krilling it Krilling it 1.64
Rescue 100 sea critters
Schooled Schooled 1.67
Rescue all the sea critters
Smoked & Sliced Squid Smoked & Sliced Squid 1.65
Die 2500 times
Fish Can Roll Fish Can Roll 1.56
Rescue Fish from Nuclear Throne
Well Done! Well Done! 1.62
Rescue Snakebird from Snakebird
Necrodancing Necrodancing 1.64
Rescue the Shopkeeper from Crypt of the Necrodancer
Swack! Swack! 1.59
Rescue Guac from Burrito Galaxy
Android Support Android Support 1.65
Rescue Cactus, Holly, Lemon, and Coral from Assault Android Cactus

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