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40.2 hours playing time on record

Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Vindicator Vindicator 1.75 02/17/2017 17:29:33
Complete the game on Dismal.
Abomination Slayer Abomination Slayer 1.74 02/17/2017 17:29:26
Defeat the Abomination on Dismal difficulty.
Hanging Hanging 1.76 02/17/2017 16:23:25
You chose the Gallows as a fitting method of punishment and faced the repercussions.
Salra's Advice Salra's Advice 1.74 02/17/2017 15:47:12
Delivered fiery death to Yezar and Sarguun and then manually fought the guards.
Acaldia the Just Acaldia the Just 1.75 02/17/2017 15:31:13
Executed Justice as Acaldia and witnessed its effect as Elleria.
Sin Eater Is Dead Sin Eater Is Dead 1.73 02/17/2017 15:13:04
Defeated the Sin Eater as Acaldia and came across it as Elleria.
Solid Defence Solid Defence 1.75 02/17/2017 13:27:42
Defeat Nodan on Normal difficulty or above without any of the party members getting K.O.
Darkness is my Ally Darkness is my Ally 1.75 02/17/2017 13:27:10
In the fight against Calantha and Alear, have either Calantha or Alear spend at least 6 turns in the Dimmed state.
Decapitation Decapitation 1.74 02/17/2017 08:35:06
You chose Beheading as a fitting method of punishment and faced the repercussions.
Cautious Cautious 1.74 02/17/2017 07:00:42
Refused the temptation to defeat two guards via an explosive.
Leader Leader 1.75 02/17/2017 06:27:12
Complete the game on Normal difficulty or above.
Brogan's Advice Brogan's Advice 1.75 02/17/2017 05:31:35
Delivered fiery death to the guards and then manually fought Yezar and Sarguun.
Burning Burning 1.75 02/16/2017 17:32:15
you chose the Pyre as a fitting method of punishment and faced the repercussions.
Spirits of Fire Spirits of Fire 1.74 02/16/2017 16:48:15
Used an explosive to dispose of two soldiers in Elpar Outpost as Acaldia and then fought their fiery spirits as Elleria.
Time is a Healer, not a Killer Time is a Healer, not a Killer 1.75 02/16/2017 16:46:44
Defeat the Time Guardian on Normal difficulty or above without any of the party members getting K.O.
Acaldia the Merciful Acaldia the Merciful 1.75 02/16/2017 13:59:38
Showed mercy as Acaldia and witnessed its effect as Elleria
Abomination Killer Abomination Killer 1.73 02/16/2017 12:09:07
Defeat the Abomination on Normal difficulty or above.
Tactical Approach Tactical Approach 1.74 02/16/2017 11:31:44
Use telekinesis to destroy 10 groups of enemies.
Fists of Ruin Fists of Ruin 1.74 02/16/2017 08:41:45
Use Habach's shortcuts skill to smash down doors, walls or other obstacles 10 times.
Fed and Watered Fed and Watered 1.74 02/16/2017 08:41:25
Find and deliver the food rations located in the Capital Outskirts (act 5).
Abomination Hunter Abomination Hunter 1.74 02/16/2017 06:39:04
Defeat the Abomination on any difficulty.
Pain of the Past Pain of the Past 1.73 02/16/2017 04:39:14
Head into the mysterious Temple of Horenth and acquire Atormu's Amulet relic.
Emergency Healing Emergency Healing 1.73 02/15/2017 17:23:29
Acquire Inelda's Medallion relic.
The Fallen Hero The Fallen Hero 1.74 02/15/2017 13:42:39
Pay your respects to a special hero.
Benevolent Benevolent 1.74 02/15/2017 13:30:04
Save Anrid and Kanden from a corrupting spell.
Fighter Fighter 1.74 02/15/2017 12:20:49
Complete the game on any difficulty mode.
Secrets of Time Secrets of Time 1.74 02/15/2017 12:20:49
Complete Act 4.
Gusts and Gales Gusts and Gales 1.74 02/14/2017 17:11:42
Acquire Lelani's Legband.
Helping Hands Helping Hands 1.74 02/14/2017 16:19:51
Locate any survivors in Ettais Village.
Sombre Stronghold Sombre Stronghold 1.73 02/14/2017 13:46:29
Complete Act 3.
A Good Beating A Good Beating 1.73 02/14/2017 13:46:29
Win the final 1 on 1 battle on Normal difficulty or above without dropping below 50% health.
Sin Eater Lives Sin Eater Lives 1.76 02/14/2017 12:56:12
Escaped the Sin Eater as Acaldia but defeated it as Elleria.
There's No bridge There's No bridge 1.74 02/14/2017 11:52:26
destroyed the bridge in Acaldia's first memory and then came across it as Elleria.
Bane of Man Bane of Man 1.73 02/14/2017 06:36:19
Help Igara take down a ferocious beast and claim the reward.
Vision and Reality Vision and Reality 1.74 02/14/2017 05:27:57
Scout Elpar Outpost and loot every chest in it.
The Cleansing The Cleansing 1.73 02/13/2017 17:38:47
Destroy all 3 ratman nests in the Capital Streets.
Meat Shield Meat Shield 1.73 02/13/2017 16:33:37
Acquire Talhar's Shield relic.
Depths of Calamity Depths of Calamity 1.73 02/12/2017 17:02:48
Complete Act 2.
Blood Brothers Blood Brothers 1.73 02/12/2017 16:26:45
Uncover the fate of this timeline's Kizu and Habach.
Shadows of Sanaya Shadows of Sanaya 1.73 02/05/2017 11:15:40
Acquire Sanaya's Dagger relic.
Opening the Way. Opening the Way. 1.72 02/04/2017 15:15:43
Complete Act 1.
Energy Channeler Energy Channeler 1.73 02/04/2017 14:37:44
Acquire Erdan's Headband relic.
The Bridge Still Stands The Bridge Still Stands 1.74 02/02/2017 17:14:58
Did not destroy the bridge in Acaldia's first memory and then came across it as Elleria.
Sorak's Ring Sorak's Ring 1.73 02/02/2017 17:05:39
Acquire Sorak's Ring relic.
Power of The Orbs Power of The Orbs 1.73 02/02/2017 16:57:48
Find the mystical orbs in Zhierdan Forest.
The Lost The Lost 1.71 02/02/2017 16:48:01
Discover the fate of lost soldiers who went to scout in Keldyn Village.
The Portal The Portal 1.63 02/02/2017 16:26:06
Discover what's on the other side.

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