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Game Achievement Points Unlocked
Pyrotechnics Pyrotechnics 1.01 12/19/2018 02:46:29
Blow up the cracker

Locked achievements

Game Achievement Points
Master of the left hand Master of the left hand 1.43
Twist the spinner with your left hand
Master of the right hand Master of the right hand 1.40
Twist the spinner with your right hand
Dostoevsky Dostoevsky 1.44
Complete the document
Captain hook Captain hook 1.51
Drop all spinners on the floor
Juggler Juggler 1.55
Twist spinners with both hands
Spinning top Spinning top 1.51
Spinner to spin very quickly
Magnum Magnum 1.10
Score 20 points
AKM AKM 1.57
Score 500 points
Headshot Headshot 1.49
Hit the head in Gunfighter
Stubborn Stubborn 1.63
Lose 10 fights in Gunfighter
Head hunter Head hunter 1.64
Kill 10 opponents in the head in Gunfighter
Fearless shooter Fearless shooter 1.63
Kill 10 enemies in Gunfighter
Clint Eastwood Clint Eastwood 1.64
Kill 100 enemies in Gunfighter
First Blood First Blood 1.23
The first murder in the Mexican duel
Double Kill Double Kill 1.52
Two murders per round in a Mexican duel
Bloodbath Bloodbath 1.63
Three murders per round in a Mexican duel
Mafiosi Mafiosi 1.29
First victory in Mexican duel
Suicide Suicide 0.75
To commit suicide at any level
Witch Hunter Witch Hunter 1.64
Kill the Witch
Milkmaid Milkmaid 1.36
Milk the cow
Anonimus Club Anonimus Club 1.21
Visit anonymous club
Barbo Barbo 1.61
Catch the Barbo
Сrucian Сrucian 1.60
Catch the Сrucian
Carp Carp 1.60
Catch the Carp
Catfish Catfish 1.61
Catch the Catfish
Chub Chub 1.61
Catch the Chub
Pike Pike 1.60
Catch the Pike
Spigola Spigola 1.62
Catch the Spigola
Tench Tench 1.61
Catch the Tench
Trout Trout 1.61
Catch the Trout
Fisherman-noob Fisherman-noob 1.48
Catch 1 kilogram of fish
Fisherman-fan Fisherman-fan 1.62
Catch 10 kilogram of fish
Fisherman-pro Fisherman-pro 1.64
Catch 100 kilogram of fish
The last Hero The last Hero 0.76
Kill all opponents in the level of The last Hero
Dead Hero Dead Hero 0.40
To die from your own grenades
A successful throw A successful throw 0.84
First kill with a grenade
Living Legend Living Legend 0.73
Kill all enemies with grenades
Bomb Disposal Expert Bomb Disposal Expert 1.35
To defuse the bomb
Hater bombs Hater bombs 1.66
To defuse the bomb in one minute
Decorator Decorator 1.52
Hang 5 balls on the Christmas tree
Sparkler Sparkler 1.37
Fire a Bengal Fire
Happy New Year Happy New Year 1.50
Veteran of Afghanistan Veteran of Afghanistan 1.05
Defeat all opponents in Afghanistan
Mujahid Mujahid 0.81
Kill the enemy from ak-74
Wild West Hero Wild West Hero 0.89
Kill everyone in the saloon
Saloon Saloon 0.90
To kill one of the enemy in the saloon
Sniper Sniper 1.32
Kill the enemy from a sniper rifle
Tankman Tankman 1.02
Destroy one tank
Defeated Defeated 0.95
Killed in the tank
Fury Fury 1.49
Destroy 10 tank
Viking Viking 0.77
Become the winner in the battle
Valhalla Valhalla 0.70
Killed in battle
Devourer Devourer 1.61
Become a winner in the battle for food
Langolier Langolier 1.69
Win 10 battles for food
Dog of war Dog of war 0.93
Win in the Battle Royale
Not this time Not this time 0.80
To be killed in the Battle Royale
Not a bad start Not a bad start 0.93
The first murder in the Battle Royale
Cool Gunner Cool Gunner 1.39
Kill the enemy from the howitzer
Fallen under fire Fallen under fire 1.36
To perish under artillery fire
Artilleryman Artilleryman 1.42
Win in artillery battle
First Lap First Lap 1.07
Drive One Lap
Indefatigable racer Indefatigable racer 1.68
Drive 10 lap
Crazy Racer Crazy Racer 1.69
Drive a lap 90 seconds
Distinguished surgeon Distinguished surgeon 1.54
Successfully remove the appendicitis
Perfect Negotiation Perfect Negotiation 1.15
To survive in the bloody negotiations
Exterminator Exterminator 1.63
Catch All Cockroaches
Nice lunch Nice lunch 1.28
Eat all the sugar
Battle Hero Battle Hero 1.15
Win the tank battle

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